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Top 5 reasons of dripping the air conditioner’s panel

June 1, 2021 - 16:46

Dripping water of the air conditioner’s panel is one of the common problems of these series of air conditioning systems, which in this article of Damapouya magazine, we are going to address the important factors and also the solutions about.

Nowadays, split air conditioner is one of the most widely used air conditioning systems, which has been able to find many fans in this industry due to its numerous advantages. Air conditioners with wall mounting position are more welcomed due to their low space occupancy, as well as desirable performance. Therefore, they use this series of equipment to supply the air conditioning of the building in different spaces. Wall-mounted air conditioner consists of two separate parts, the outdoor unit or the condenser is located in outside of the environment, and the indoor unit is installed on the indoor wall. You may have encountered the problem of dripping and watering the inner panel, so that you are looking for the cause and the solution. In following, we have described the 5 factors of reasons of dripping the air conditioner’s panel and the ways to solve this problem.

Why inner panel of the air conditioner drips

It is better to look at the performance of the air conditioner first to understand the issue better. The air conditioner is composed of different components and parts, each of which has its own function, which ultimately provides air conditioning by the coordination between this performance. One of the most important components of these systems is the compressor, which is filled with refrigerant gas inside the chamber. When the air conditioner starts working, the compressor compresses the refrigerant gas as needed and turns it into a liquid, the gutters of which in the built-in device direct the liquid through the drain pipes to the evaporator i.e the inner panel. The temperature generated by the liquid is then transferred to the interior of the room by the blower fan inside the unit through the valves and dampers of the air conditioner, and this cycle continues.  Due to the release of cold air of panel fans, it removes excess moisture of the environment and turns it into water droplets. The splits transfer the excess water collected from there to the outside through gutters inside the panel to the drain pipe. But sometimes the water collected to get out of the panel can be difficult and cause the gas cooler panel to overflow and drip water, which we have discussed in following. It is also important that Damapouya Engineering Technical Group has introduced more about this system.

Water drain tray outlet is closed (cooler studs)

Inside the panel of the air conditioner is a plate called the drain tray. Water droplets from the moisture collect inside the tray and they are directed outwards through the studs. One of the factors of dropping water in the air conditioner panel can be blocking the water outlet path inside the drain tray. Some factors such as dust, water sludge inside the tray, carpet lint block the water outlet path, so water from moisture overflows and drips from the panel. There are two solutions according to this problem, but it should be noted that not all interior panels are designed and built in the same way, and the way of the access to the inside of the unit is different. First, the bottom valve of the panel can be kept open 70 degrees upwards, thus you can clean the stud outlet. If you are going to clean the gutter pipes in this way, you should consider that lifting the panel too high will cause it to break. Another solution for blocking studs is to open the front panel of the inner panel, and clean the pipes and outlet studs with appropriate tools. Use the utmost care to open the front panel of the panel, because if the door or the frame of the frame is broken, it will create an unpleasant sound during operation in addition to the ugliness of the panel.

The drain pipe outlet is not in the right place

Another reason of dripping the air conditioner panel is that the drain pipe is not in the right place. The pipes are made of compressed plastic, so they are flexible, sometimes the pipe may bend and the water is not well directed out. Some panels do not allow the drain pipes to exit due to the distance from the window and the outside space, so the user uses it inside the bucket or bottle under the panel. In this case, the bucket or bottle may be full and water will no longer be able to spill into the container, and it will overflow. So it is better to keep the bucket empty permanently. Another common factor in dripping water from the inner panel of the air conditioner is not observing the slope of the drain hose. The slope of the drain pipes, which direct the water collected inside the drain pipe to the outside space, needs to be properly adjusted. If this slope is not observed properly, water will be difficult to drain, in which case water may drip from the panel.

The tray is broken

The place of accumulation of water from the moisture of the device is the gutter frame or the tray in the drain. Sometimes, due to incorrect installation or unbalanced fan inside the indoor unit, the air conditioner vibrates a lot during operation and causes the tray to crack. In this case, if the gutter pipes work properly and direct the water droplets out, some water will drip out of the tray. And it can be said that one of the reasons of dripping the air conditioner panel is the broken frame. After purchasing the air conditioner, it is better to install and operate it by experts and technicians to prevent this problem as much as possible.

Lack of gas inside the compressor

The compressor is one of the main components of air conditioner, the inside of which is filled with refrigerant gas. Top brands of this industry like green air conditioner care about the compressor enough. The compressor is responsible for compressing the gas and turning it into a liquid. The generated liquid is transferred to the inner panel through the interface pipes, thus transferring the generated cool temperature to the interior. And this cycle is constantly repeated. When the amount of refrigerant gas reaches below the standard level, it disrupts the rotation cycle of the device, resulting in thawing of the evaporator fins. This problem will contact or turn off the air conditioner as soon as it is turned on, moreover causes the air conditioner panel to drip and water.

Not using proper insulation cover

The indoor and outdoor air conditioner units are connected to each other by copper pipes and exchange heat through that pipes. The refrigerant gas inside the compressor loses some heat after condensation and turns into a liquid and it is transferred to the evaporator through these pipes. The liquid that passes through the pipes is cool and has a lower temperature outside. Therefore, due to the temperature difference between inside and outside the pipe, some water condenses and collects on the pipe under the inner panel. Therefore, it can be said that the droplets collected on the pipes can cause the water cooler panel drip. we recommend you use proper insulation to prevent sweating and eventually dripping water.

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