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Iranian Pistachios in international markets by Noshid

June 7, 2021 - 17:35

Iran is one of the most famous pistachios traders in international markets of nuts. Iranian pistachio is well-known around the world, because of its quality, taste, and health advantages. Pistachios are rich in healthy fat, fibers, protein, and antioxidants. So they are exported and imported as the in-shell pistachio, shelled pistachio, and roast pistachio

The other noticeable reason for the popularity of the Iranian pistachio is its variety. In the following, we introduce the main commercial Iranian pistachios that play a significant role in international markets.

 Jumbo pistachio the market leader nuts

Iranian Pistachios in international markets by Noshid

Jumbo pistachio or kale Ghochi is the main Iranian pistachio that is in demand globally. Its ram head is exclusive among a wide variety of pistachios. Jumbo pistachio is larger and longer than round pistachios regardless of being shelled pistachio or in shell pistachio. These nuts are available in 18 to 20 oz. While perfect farmers of Rafsanjan in Iran cultivate them on a large scale for import and export goals

The unique taste and bright green color of the Iranian Jombo pistachio are undeniable that turned it into the best seller pistachio. Its unripe fruits have a short green peel and grow fast between 1 August and 15 September. During the harvesting process, farmers gather high-quality gray cracked skinned fruits. While nutshells are mostly opened. In addition to the unrepeatable taste of this Iranian pistachio, the natural smell of Jumbo pistachio without any added foreign odor is another reason for its great universality in international pistachio markets.

So, Iran supplies around 70 % of Jumbo pistachio in international markets and costs a greater wholesale price in comparison to the other types of pistachios. It is better to mention that the cool, dry, and sunless storages of Iranian exporters play an important role in their global exportation. Noshid Company as an experienced dried fruit merchant is exporting various types of Jumbo pistachio such as roast pistachio, in shell pistachio, and shelled pistachio.

Ahmad Aghae pistachio of Iran in global markets

Iranian Pistachios in international markets by Noshid

Long pistachio (Ahmad Aghaei) is the other queen of nuts in universal trade and has become more and more popular Iranian pistachio recently. Although it is not as long as jumbo pistachio, it has special physical characteristics such as its green seed within the whitest shell. Long pistachio is mostly used as the roast pistachio in cooking. This is the most favorite reason for gaining enough wholesale price in the global competitive market of nuts.

Long Pistachio is thicker and bigger than round pistachio. This Iranian pistachio is harvested in September and October. While it is available in sizes between 22 to 32 oz. Iranian Long pistachios are cultivated in Yazd, Kerman, and Markazi provinces. While the normal sort of product consists of up to 7% moisture, about 2% mouth pistachios, and relatively 2.5% semi-open pistachio. The same as other types of dried fruits and pistachios, they should be preserved in relatively dark and dry places. Both the lightest nutshell and shortest ripening time among the pistachios are two main factors for Long pistachio marketability.

Noshid Company which is famous because of Noshid dates is exporting long pistachio because of its various sizes, quality, and adequate wholesale price 

 Round pistachio the smallest Iranian pistachio

Round pistachio or Fandoghi pistachio has a round shape with acceptable taste and bright color. Although Round pistachio is smaller than jumbo pistachio and long pistachio, it has gained specific status in international markets. While its wholesale price is considerably lower than other pistachios. Round pistachios are categorized into two main categories. The first group is the naturally opened pistachios and the second one is the mechanically opened pistachios. At first, farmers leave the pistachios on the trees and kernels crack the shell without any outside force, whilst the second group will be prepared by machines 

Round pistachio should be stored in the comparatively cool, dry, and unlighted shelves, regardless of being in shell pistachio, shelled pistachio, or roast pistachio. This dried fruit is one of the worthwhile nuts in serving foods and desserts. Moreover, it is used for decorating cakes and sweets. 

Noshid Company is on the top of the list of Iranian pistachio traders that have invested in Round pistachio since it is economical and well-suited for exportation efforts. 

 Semi long pistachio

Semi long pistachio is medium-size pistachio that has an exclusive taste. After super long pistachio and long pistachio, it stood at the third status in terms of its length. The special characteristic of semi long pistachio is the appearance of its kernel that is similar to almond. This dried fruit obtained low wholesale rice without affecting its quality. Semi long pistachio is mostly consumed as the shelled pistachio in comparison to the roast pistachio or shelled pistachio. 

Noshid Company is an important international trader of semi long pistachio due to its exclusive shape, taste, and quality.

The longest Iranian pistachio 

Super long pistachio, known as Akbari pistachio, is the most famous pistachio around the world. This dried fruit is longer than long pistachio and Jumbo pistachio. The global popularity of Super long pistachio is because of its consumption in various cuisines and dishes. The shelled pistachio is more than In shell pistachio. Since these pistachios are opened during the harvesting in early September. 

Super long pistachio is another Iranian pistachio that is exported globally by Noshid Company. However, Noshid dates are the other products of Noshid Company.

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