By Sheida Mahnam

The rate of women’s participation in the Iranian labor market

June 15, 2021 - 14:3

The women participation rate is obtained by dividing the number of job-seeking women (both employed and unemployed) by the total number of women over the age of 15. Out of 180 countries in the world, only in 10 countries, women’s participation in work is lower than in Iran, and our country has one of the lowest rates of women’s participation in the world.

Nepal has the highest rate with about 80% and Yemen has the lowest rate with 6% participation. Developed countries in North America and Europe also have the highest rates of women’s participation above 50%, well above Iran’s 17.5%, and the West Asia average of 18%.

Cultural issues, legal and illegal discrimination, cultural and value issues, ethnicity, lack of awareness, and lack of appropriate opportunities are among the barriers to greater participation of women in work and employment in Iran and most Middle Eastern countries that increase women’s participation in Iran. 5% and much lower than the male participation of 65%. It seems that today the need to raise awareness of women’s capabilities, both in domestic work and in social and managerial responsibilities for both officials and researchers. Actually, the women’s community should be paid more attention.

Codified programs with motivational technical expertise can lead to self-confidence also self-esteem of Iranian women alongside the people that empowerment, especially the empowerment of women heads of households is a priority. Considering favorable loans for home-based businesses, creating equal opportunities with gender justice is the next step in completing this motivational and educational process that the role of radio and television and of course trusted cyberspace can play a worthy role in this regard.

Establishing a correct and reliable statistical network based on statistical information data of prominent and skilled women in the field of management as well as women with artistic and cultural skills is also a very important thing that has no specific government trustee and governments by shrinking and delegating this Trusting the prudent and resilient private sector can identify the missing links in the chain and achieve good planning in this regard. Women consist half of the population of the Islamic Republic of Iran and ignoring their scientific, cultural, and managerial capacities and resources will eliminate half of the population’s operational executive potential.

The author is a professor of international relations, an advisor for international affairs for Iranology Foundation, and an advisor for social sciences studies for the Iranian National Commission for UNESCO

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