Iran among the leading countries in maritime telecommunications

June 21, 2021 - 11:53

TEHRAN – Mohammad-Reza Allahyar, the deputy of engineering and infrastructure development at Iran’s Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO), has said Iran is among the world’s leading countries in maritime technologies and telecommunications.

Mentioning the virtual presence of PMO as Iran’s representative at the 10th International Maritime Transport and Logistics Conference in Egypt, Allahyar said the PMO’s Engineering and Infrastructure Development Department was in charge of the panel on the role of digital transformation in the development of container terminals, in the mentioned conference.

He underlined the positive impact of such international events on the global status of the Iranian maritime industry, saying: “Attending international forums and conferences can lead to the exchange of knowledge and experiences, while promoting the scientific and professional level of the participants, and fortunately, the Ports and Maritime Organization has had a good presence in the international arena and plays a significant role in this area.”

Regarding the PMO’s measures for the digital transformation or smartening of the country’s ports, the official noted: “In recent years, serious measures have been taken to achieve this goal and in the field of engineering and infrastructure development, efforts have been made to use up-to-date equipment and technologies.”

“Among the software that has been considered by the Ports and Maritime Organization for smartening of the ports, we can mention the decision-making-aid software for vessels, which was developed by domestic knowledge-based centers with the support of the PMO,” Allahyar explained.

“Currently, only two countries are able to provide this software, and fortunately, Iranian experts succeeded in developing it using a sea dynamics simulator model and the software is now being used in a trial basis,” he added.

Underlining the significance of marine engineering for the country, the official said: "We should know that the field of marine equipment engineering is also very important and fortunately in this field, Iran is one of the leading countries and we are ahead of many countries in the region in this field.”


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