Iran renews support for Afghanistan, urges peaceful solutions to settle conflicts

June 29, 2021 - 21:32

TEHRAN — Speaking at his weekly press briefing on Tuesday morning, Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabiei assured the Afghan government and people that the Islamic Republic will always stand by them.

“We assure the government and people of Afghanistan that the Islamic Republic of Iran has always stood by them and will continue to do so, and we call on all ethnic groups and political forces in Afghanistan to unite and reject any foreign interference, and commit to peaceful solutions to settle their disputes,” he remarked. 

Rabiei added, “We always emphasize that genuine Afghan-Afghan dialogue is the only lasting solution to the Afghan problem.”

He went on to say that Iran attaches great importance to Afghanistan’s territorial integrity and national unity and seeks respect for the rights of minorities and guarding the achievements made by the Afghan people over the past two decades.

Rabiei also said that the Taliban is part of Afghanistan and should be part of solution for the protracted conflict in the country.

“What is important for us is the formation of an inclusive government with the involvement of all Afghan groups and the achievement of a peaceful and lasting solution in this country,” he noted. 

The spokesman said that the Islamic Republic continues to urge all countries to avoid interfering in the internal affairs of Afghanistan.

The remarks by the Iranian government spokesman come as the war between the Taliban and government forces is intensifying. 

“Our mission is to communicate with the Afghan government and provide any necessary assistance,” Rabiei highlighted.

He also said the Islamic Republic is closely monitoring developments in Afghanistan with concern. 

“While calling on all parties to calm down, we do not consider the use of violence and non-peaceful behaviors useful in resolving disputes, and we will continue our consultations with Kabul to end unconstructive conflicts and replace it with dialogue and engagement with the participation of all influential political groups and forces,” the spokesman underlined. 

Raisi-Rouhani visit

Elsewhere in his remarks, the spokesman said that the meetings between President-elect Ebrahim Raisi and the outgoing administration ministers are intended to transfer experiences and better understanding on how to run the country.
Outgoing president Hassan Rouhani visited Raisi on his victory day to congratulate him and exchange views. 
Oil Minister Bijan Zanganeh and Industry Minister Alireza Razm Hosseini also met with the president-elect on Tuesday, briefing him on latest developments in their portfolios. 

‘Nuclear deal talks can continue in next administration if we don’t reach mutual understanding’

Responding to questions about the fate of nuclear deal negotiations in Vienna, the spokesman said if Iran cannot achieve what it wants by the end of the government, according to the decision of the top decision-makers, the next government will follow the issue. 

“All this depends on the policy of the establishment and what is going on in the negotiations, and we will not hesitate to present our opinions, but if the views are not paid attention to, the continuation of the negotiations will be postponed to the next government,” he emphasized. 

Iran and other remaining parties to the 2015 nuclear deal (JCPOA) have been negotiating in Vienna since April to revive the talks. The United States is also participating in the talks indirectly. The sides are expected to hold a new round of decisive talks. 
Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator Abbas Araqchi has said enough talks have taken place and now it is the time that the other sides take political decisions.   

Rabiei said that any agreement must necessarily include the lifting of oppressive economic sanctions against Iran. 

“Based on the instructions of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution if it is possible to lift the sanctions, when he said that it should not be delayed not even for a day, the government is committed to continue the negotiations with full determination, regardless of the differences of opinions, and we are determined to lift the sanctions as soon as possible. But we are not in a hurry to abandon our rights during the remaining time of the government to conclude the negotiations,” he underlined.

Rabiei also said that there is a consensus on lifting sanctions in key sectors of the Iranian economy, such as energy, finance, banking, and insurance. 
However, he added, if no agreement is reached on all issues, no agreement will be reached in practice, and if an agreement is reached in all cases, “we can speak of an agreement reached.”

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