Artist hangs paintings with bright colors to heal wounds of pandemic 

July 5, 2021 - 18:37

TEHRAN – Veteran artist Ali-Mohammad Sheikhi opened an exhibition in Tehran on Sunday, showcasing his latest collection of paintings done with bright colors for healing as COVID-19 is still claiming victims in the country.   

Speaking during the opening ceremony of the exhibit “Brumous Colors” at the Abolfazl Aali Gallery of the Art Bureau, he said, “These works are different from those paintings I have exhibited before.”

“With this collection, I have tried to make people feel happy and to heal their gloomy hearts with the bright colors even if only for a few moments amid the pandemic, which has made them weary,” he added.

He has kept his idealistic style in the 40 works comprising the collection, which has been created over the past two years. However, he said that he plans to add more paintings to the series that features elements from the beauties of nature.

“Nature is part and parcel of man’s existence and the colors in the artworks represent vigor and a constructive interaction between man and nature,” Sheikhi said.

“God is in the color of purity and happiness and we would reach God when we are looking at the color,” he stated.

Masud Shojaei-Tabatabai, the director of the Visual Arts Office of the Art Bureau, also attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition, which will run until July 11.

In a short speech, he called Sheikhi, one of the pioneers of the first generation of revolutionary artists who began their career at the Art Bureau, which was established after the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979.

He said that the exhibition represents a new face of Sheikhi’s art, in which he has mixed elements from still life and floral and geometric motifs. 

In its new policy, he said that his office plans to show more concern towards the art market, and added that a council of art experts will carry out valuations to price artworks at the exhibitions being organized by the Art Bureau.

“From now on, artworks will be showcased with price tags at the bureau’s exhibitions, and art lovers will be able to purchase their favorite artworks,” he noted   

The bureau used to organize art exhibitions without financial objectives. 

Photo: Artist Ali-Mohammad Sheikhi poses during the opening ceremony of his painting exhibition “Brumous Colors” at the Abolfazl Aali Gallery of the Art Bureau in Tehran on July 4, 2021. 


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