TCCIMA offers economic suggestions for next govt.

July 17, 2021 - 15:43

TEHRAN – Head of Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (TCCIMA) has offered some suggestions to the next government for improving the country’s business environment and for resolving some of the current economic issues.

In a statement published on the TCCIMA portal, Masoud Khansari has noted that the beginning of each government incumbency will coincide with major changes in the country’s economic scene which would impose serious stress on the country’s private sector.

Khansari noted that such changes should be toward economic growth and create some new ways for the improvement of the country’s economy.

The official believes that some minimal changes, although not structural reforms, can be done quickly and very effectively.

He also stressed the need for attracting foreign investment and being open to having trade exchanges with other countries.

The TCCIMA head further underlined the fact that with the new president taking office, the cabinet is also expected to go through significant changes, and new ministers and deputies are expected to take office as well.

“Choosing new efficient officials which are familiar with the problems of the country’s economy and are capable in leading the administrative system can be reassuring for the society; such managers do not allow hundreds of new directives and unnecessary regulations to be imposed on the economic system in the very first days of their presence.”

Elsewhere in the statement, Khansari pointed to some minor reforms in the tax, customs, banking, and social security systems, which can lead to effective improvements in the country’s business environment, and called on the new government to take them into serious consideration.

Another important issue that Khansari has mentioned in his suggestions for the 13th president is the need for forging ties with the global economy and opening the doors of the country to international trade.

“Iran's economy must emerge from the shadow of sanctions. It does not matter what executive policy is to end the economic war, what is important is accelerating their implementation. The 13th government must send a message to businessmen, people, and investors that it supports any policy that would end the sanctions,” the statement said.


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