Afghan officials made strategic mistake by trusting U.S., Qalibaf says

September 5, 2021 - 21:48

TEHRAN - The Speaker of the Iranian Parliament, Mohamed Bagher Ghalibaf, said on Sunday that the trust of some former Afghan officials in the United States to bring progress and security to their country was a “strategic mistake”.

On August 15 the Taliban took control of Kabul, ending 20 years of ruling by the U.S.-backed governments in Afghanistan.

"Analysts around the world with different point of views analyze the humiliating escape of the U.S. military as a clear symbol of the decline of the U.S. international power," Ghalibaf said in an open session of the parliament, Tasnim reported.

"Abandoning the country by the U.S.-poppet government in Afghanistan and the Taliban's takeover across the country without facing any resistance which is the result of widespread dissatisfaction with 20 years of U.S. occupation and sluggishness on the part of the U.S. administration, clearly demonstrated that trust of some Afghan officials in the U.S. to bring progress and security to their country was a strategic mistake," Ghalibaf stated.

The speaker said 20 years of ruling by the U.S.-backed governments, despite all the slogans and expectations, not only did not make any tangible progress in economic development or public welfare, but also the most basic needs of a civil society and security were not met.

Qalibaf reiterated Iran’s position on the need to establish an inclusive government in Afghanistan with the involvement of all religious and ethnic groups.

"Considering the recent developments, the Iranian nation underscores upholding the religious and human rights of the Afghan people of all races, languages, religions and establishing lasting security in Afghanistan, and ultimately the will of the Islamic Republic of Iran will be the will of the Afghan people," the top parliamentarian stated. 

"We remain hopeful and sensitive to the future of this dear neighbor," the high-ranking official highlighted, adding, "The Islamic Republic of Iran will defend the honorable people of Afghanistan in the face of possible attempts by foreign domineering powers to create insecurity and instability, and their plans in this regard are carefully monitored."

Elsewhere in his remarks, the speaker of the Iranian Parliament (Majlis) referred to domestic affairs and thanked the MPs for holding sessions for vote of confidence to the proposed ministers.

"With regular planning for the first time, and holding 275 meetings, all the ministers participated in the (parliamentary) commissions and factions to get acquainted with the representatives face to face, which played an important role for the representatives to precisely review the ministers' programs."

The top MP underlined that after a few busy days in a timely manner and orderly environment, the vote of confidence was finalized. 

"To accelerate the formation of the cabinet, the representatives gave the maximum vote to the proposed cabinet in order to pave the way for the formation of a strong administration. The first step of the Majlis in interaction with the administration was taken with good will, and the Majlis was determined to help formation of the cabinet in due time from the very first day," Ghalibaf reiterated.

Tehran's representative in the parliament stated that the president and members of the cabinet in the first week of their responsibilities vigorously showed their seriousness in forming a people-oriented administration and raised hope in the society.

The speaker added the parliament will support the government in meeting the people’s expectations amid the Covid-19 pandemic and the devaluation of national currency.  

"The parliament will help the administration in addressing the basic issues of the people, especially those that have a direct impact on their current lives, such as dealing with health and livelihood problems caused by Covid-19 disease,… preserving the value of the national currency, the supply of essential commodities at affordable prices, economic stability and attention to under-developed areas," Qalibaf explained.

He also said the parliament is ready to assist the Raisi administration to meet the interests of people, as well as to oversight compassionately the administration's responsibilities to address possible weaknesses.

The speaker also pointed to the remarks of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution regarding justice in a meeting last week with the president and members of the cabinet.

"The roadmap set by the Leader with regard to justice is among the Leader' recommendations which will be addressed by the Majlis in legislating, and as we will pay attention to this issue in with more sensitivity and precision in legislation, especially in approving the next year's budget and the Seventh Development Plan," he explained.


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