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Azar Oilfield Development Plan Project Shines in Global Project Excellent Management Award

September 25, 2021 - 19:38

After two decades of efforts by top Iranian projects to win the Global Project Excellence Award, which is held annually by the IPMA International Institute in different parts of the world, the Iranian company named Sarvak Azar Engineering and Development Company (SAED) became a finalist after IPMA evaluation courses at the IPMA Global Award 2021 as hosted by Russia in St. Petersburg on Wednesday September 23.

Given the above issue, the record-breaking excellence of project implementation methods was broken by an Iranian company named Sarvak Azar Engineering and Development Company (SAED), affiliated to Petroleum Retirement Funds, which is active with OIEC consortium, in a ceremony entitled “IPMA Global Award 2021”.

As mentioned in above, IPMA Global Award 2021 hosted by Russia, held in St. Petersburg on Sept. 23, the Iranian SAED managed to win the finalist of the most impotent part of the global award in the field of mega projects after a period of several days of evaluation by IPMA Institute.

In a very tight and intense competition with Finland and India, Iranian company “SAED” managed to win gold medal of IPMA Global Award 2021.

It is a source of pride and honor for the large society of Iranian oil industry that such a valuable position has been achieved by a development company working in the upstream oil sector of the country.

This project was successfully implemented by the expert, competent and skilled Iranian contractors in one of the most complicated and complex oilfields of the region and world in spite of tough, cruel and oppressive sanctions imposed against Islamic Republic of Iran in international level.

Evaluation of various international projects, which is carried out every year based on the Global Excellence Baseline (PEB) model, was assessed this year virtually by six international evaluators from the countries including Poland, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Kazakhstan, Nepal and China for three consecutive days.

Accordingly, all items related to the Project Excellence Baseline (PEB) Model were evaluated precisely and finally, Sarvak Azar Engineering and Development Company (SAED) managed to win the coveted gold medal of the Award. 

IPMA Global Award 2021 is designed in 10 different sections and in different sections, competitors compete with different specialized evaluators. As it is obvious, the mega-project award section is the most important part of the competition.

The most important part of the world award was in the field of mega projects, and in intense competition with Finland and India, SAED won the gold medal.

Achieving a gold medal in this global competition has been achieved by SAED, a development company active in the upstream oil sector, on the grounds where the oil industry has been able to show a defensible performance in one of the most complex oil fields in the region and the world, despite Iran facing harsh sanctions.

This year, evaluation of various international projects based on the IPMA PEB model was carried out virtually by 6 international evaluators from Poland, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Kazakhstan, Nepal and China.

The screenings were implemented for three consecutive days and all the items related to the PEB model were carefully evaluated and finally Sarvak Azar Engineering and Development Company won the gold medal.

The IPMA World Award is designed in 10 different sections, of which the Mega Projects Award is the most important part, and it is a matter of pride that in addition to Iran's unparalleled brilliance in project management with new international models in the upstream oil industry, other Iranian youths shone brightly: Fereshteh Mir Hosseini won a gold medal in the project management category for young people under 35, and Alireza Aslan Hosseini from OICO, another subsidiary of OIEC, also won a bronze medal. Saeed Norouzi in the section of agile projects in this competition, another bronze medal was awarded to Iran, which was registered in the name of Saeed Norouzi, and in total, the country attracted the attention of the international project management community with two gold and two bronze medals.

Azar oilfield is located in the south of Ilam Province, adjacent to Al-Badra field in Iraq. The field’s development project was completed and put into production with a daily production capacity of 65,000 barrels per day of crude oil.

Since 2002, IPMA organizes an annual international competition for projects and program presenting awards to teams that display and can prove great achievements in project and program management. The IPMA Global Project Excellence Awards support project teams in their continuous improvement efforts. Guideline for the assessment is the IPMA Project Excellence Model® (IPMA PEM), described in the IPMA Project Excellence Baseline®. By rewarding teams that prove their success in the three IPMA PEM areas, IPMA recognizes and acknowledges excellent and innovative projects.

The IPMA Project Excellence Model (IPMA PEM) was introduced in 2016 as an updated version of the model that has been in place since 2002. The main purpose of the IPMA PEM is to provide guidance to organizations in assessing the ability of their projects and programs to achieve project excellence. The model is used as the framework which is used for the Project Excellence assessment. The model is based on Total Quality Management and related models such as European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) and identifies three areas: People & Purpose, Processes & Resources and Project Results.

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