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September 29, 2021 - 10:18

Aria Samaneh Yekta Novin Afzar Company (Private Held Co.) aka “Arsina”, established in 2013, is the result of efforts and contemplation to develop and create software solutions based on modern technologies and practices.

The company aims to increase business productivity by the services it provides, which make organizations and companies smarter, as well as enhancing process optimization. In this regard, the company has focused its activities on the four main branches of customized software developmentintegration solutionse-commerce, and SaaS

Customized software development

Design and implementation of specialized software systems required to improve the performance and efficiency of businesses, with the approach of extensibility of the systems

Integration Solutions

Reducing costs and saving time in businesses and companies by connecting and integrating the systems used, as well as reducing human error through intelligent communications


Design, training, consulting, and implementation of online sales management systems, in accordance with well-known E-commerce standards usable for all businesses, which has led to the formation of an online sales system named “Forosh Gostar”. The purpose of this system is to create facilities, training, and knowledge transfer required for online sales management, and its mission is to provide the .possibility of ordering and providing any goods and services on the Internet

SaaS (Software as a Service)

Providing businesses with services in the form of SaaS, which at the same time reduces IT costs and increases scalability and security of the systems

Arsina’s products

Strategic Performance Evaluation System

Forosh Gostar, online sales management system

Human resource management software

Strategic Performance Evaluation System

Progress assessment of a project or any activity that is underway cannot be measured just by examining its physical progress. It cannot even be assessed just by evaluation of its profitability. In other words, progress and excellence in any work has several different aspects, and managers must be able to analyze other dimensions of the company and measure the rate of sustainable progress.

Online sales management system

The sales management system is one of the basic needs of every business because the consistent progress of any organization depends on its optimal online sales activity. Maintaining the competitiveness of the goods and services as well as increasing sales requires efficient tools in this field.

Forosh Gostar is an intelligent and integrated system for managing sales and providing online services which tries to meet all the challenges and needs of businesses and implement their new ideas. It also facilitates the increase of online sales by designing online stores and providing different services.


Human resource management software

Undoubtedly, one of the most important assets of any company or business is its personnel. Therefore, calculating and paying salaries, accuracy in calculations, timely payment and proper response to legal organizations, such as insurance and tax organizations is one of the most concerning issues of managers and accountants. Arsina human resource management system ensures the best growth of the company by performing all these tasks.

Arsina’s Vision

Being the first choice for the development of any software in the industry, reaching more global markets by continuously producing new and high quality products as well as moving within the framework of rules and honesty are of Arsina's values ​​in order to make a positive change in society and be effective in achieving a better world.

Arsina distinguishes itself from others by relying on the production of high-quality and standard products and the principle of customer orientation. If you need any product or service in this field, contact Arsina

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