Iran unveils ‘Hormuz’ tactical radar and ‘Shams’ simulator

October 2, 2021 - 21:40

TEHRAN - The Hormuz Medium Range Tactical Radar and Shams Simulator were unveiled on Saturday in the presence of Brigadier-General Alireza Sabahifard, Commander of the Army Air Defense Force, and other military officials in the Self-Sufficiency Organization.

The purpose of the Hormuz project is to design and build a medium-range radar so that in addition to extracting the target's speed information, can extract the target distance with high accuracy and send high-quality information to the air defense missile fire control center.

Increased combat power, high durability and minimum time required for maintenance, high accuracy in measuring the direction and height of the target and improving the distinction of targets, improving the antenna coverage angle and detection speed of targets compared to other radars are among the capabilities of the Hormuz radar.

The goal behind the implementation of the Shams project is designing and constructing a simulator of long-range strategic systems of the Army Air Defense Force against ballistic missiles and a wide range of other targets.

The Shams system, in terms of appearance and function, is designed in accordance with the threats in the class of long-range systems, and through it, modern and up-to-date combat scenarios can be designed and implemented.

Planning fast and decisive operations based on superior technologies and advanced equipment in selecting various targets based on threat is another application of this product.

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