TCCIMA holds webinar on Iran-Cuba trade opportunities

October 3, 2021 - 16:9

TEHRAN – Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (TCCIMA) on Sunday held a webinar on Iran-Cuba trade opportunities in collaboration with the Iranian embassy in Cuba, the portal of TCCIMA reported.

The webinar covered a variety of subjects including opportunities for developing economic and trade relations between the two countries' private sectors and the challenges and obstacles faced by the two sides’ traders.

The event was attended by Iranian Ambassador in Havana Mohammad Hadi Sobhani, TCCIMA Deputy Head for International Affairs Hessamedin Hallaj, TCCIMA Secretary-General Bahman Eshqi, Cuban Ambassador to Tehran Alberto Gonzalez, and the President of the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Cuba Antonio Luis Carricarte Corona.

In this webinar, the participants expressed their views on the cooperation capacities of the private sectors of the two countries.

Speaking in the online meeting, Eshqi noted that the U.S. sanctions could be considered an opportunity for Iran and Cuba to expand economic ties in line with political cooperation.

“Despite the economic differences and the geographical distance between the two countries, Iran and Cuba are facing common challenges and have been facing the problems caused by sanctions for many years and have the experience of trade under the shadow of sanctions. The private sectors of the two countries can formulate a joint plan to continue cooperation and turn it into a joint roadmap,” Eshqi said.

Eshghi proposed the establishment of a virtual TCCIMA office in the Cuban Chamber of Commerce and added: "By opening this office, the information of the members of the chambers of commerce of the two countries, their services, products, and capacities can be exchanged and made available to the other side."

Further in the online event, Sobhani referred to the good political relations between Iran and Cuba over the past 42 years and noted that unfortunately, economic and trade cooperation between the two countries has not progressed in line with political cooperation.

Finally, Gonzalez for his part expressed the Cuban private sector’s interest in increasing trade between Iran and Cuba.

He welcomed the Tehran Chamber's proposal to open a virtual office in the Cuban Chamber of Commerce, saying: "Such activities will be very effective in promoting economic relations between the two sides."


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