Taliban ready to buy oil from Iran, says ACCI chief

October 26, 2021 - 21:13

TEHRAN - Afghanistan is ready to buy oil from Iran, says the chairman of Afghanistan's Chamber of Commerce and Investment (ACCI) Tawakal Ahmadyar.

This comes amid a time when trade with the war-torn nation is currently complicated for many companies as the country is run by the Taliban, a group which has not yet been recognized by any country. 

However, the ACCI chief, during a video conference with Iranian commercial attaché Ebrahim Hosseini, discussed general trade issues between the two nations and said that Afghanistan is ready to buy oil from Iran if Tehran paves the way for it.

According to Sputnik, as the Taliban is struggling to resolve its ongoing issues with petroleum shortages, it hopes that Tehran will be able to lend a hand. But, for this to happen, Iran will have to help its neighbor in resolving a number of issues. Ahmadyar, therefore, asked Hosseini to help his nation and said that it is imperative for both countries to strengthen economic relations and promote trade.

The ACCI chief went on to say that Afghan petroleum importers are in dire need of being provided with the required facilities by the Iranian government. The Iranian commercial attaché, on the other hand, vowed to help Kabul to create the conditions necessary for launching the oil trade by “eliminating the existing problems” and building facilities required.

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