Intelligence chief: People will be informed about cyber-attack

October 30, 2021 - 21:3

TEHRAN — Iranian Intelligence Minister Seyyed Esmail Khatib said on Saturday that all pieces of information regarding the cyber-attack on gas stations on Tuesday supplement each other.

Iran sells gasoline at two rates. Although both rates are greatly subsidized, a 60-liter-monthly ration, which is sold 1500 tomans, went out of service and drivers were able to buy at a price of 3000 tomans.    

“Complete information obtained from this cyber-attack will be made available to the public because what is related to the health, security and welfare of the people must be made available to them and the officials consider informing the public in a timely manner as their duty,” Khatib stated in response to question regarding the cyber-attack on the sidelines of his presence at the ministry's press office. 

The minister said further information will be provided to the people by the relevant authorities and officials, as it has been so far.

“Complete information regarding the internal or external factors of this attack will be provided to the people,” Khatib reiterated. 

He added until accurate information is obtained about the cyber-attack, they cannot have a precise comment on this.

Khatib stressed, “Data should be collected and the various security and defense institutions should exchange this data with each other and present the result to the nation.”
He added that the enemy always takes such measures in order to harm the comfort, welfare and tranquility of the people.

“The vigilance and support of the people and their interest in the homeland and the system neutralizes these actions of the enemy,” the minister remarked. 

Khatib also said the intelligence and patience of the people decades after the revolution have prevented the enemy from succeeding in such actions as they did not succeed in Iraq’s imposed war on Iran and sanctions on the country.

The minister attributed the great victories of the Iranian nation to their insight and said that the United States, with all its power, left the region with “shame and the axis of resistance will stand tall in the region and the world."

“After this incident (cyber-attack on gas stations), despite various rumors, people not only did not pay attention to the rumors but also overcame them with patience.”

The minister attributed the success in overcoming this incident to the vigilance of the people, adding that the officials performed their duties, and the people trusted their elected representatives.

President Ebrahim Raisi who was planned to open the Tehran conference on Afghanistan on Wednesday sent the vice president instead and he himself pursued the issue diligently. He even visited a petrol station in downtown Tehran and spoke to citizens about the problem.   

“The president showed with this presence that the comfort of the people and solving their problems is important to him and they (officials) always work in this direction to increase the tranquility of the people.”

He also thanked the executive and security organizations for resolving the problems caused in the disruption of fuel supply network quickly.

The minister also thanked the state media, saying, “I especially thank the state media that accompanied the people in this incident, as well as other media [outlets] that provided timely information to the people and prevented abuses.”


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