Iran fires 300-km range missile at mock enemy target in sea

November 8, 2021 - 20:36

TEHRAN – In the second day of annual military exercises, the Iranian Army fired three types of missiles: coast-to-sea Qader and Nasr missiles as well as the long-range Qadir.

The word Qader translates to "able," Nasr to “success”, and Qadir to “capable”.

The Qadir cruise missile is able to hit mobile and motionless targets 300 kilometers away.

“The operation to destroy surface and subsurface vessels of the (mock) enemy was conducted by using Iranian-made Qader and Nasr cruise missiles,” the drill spokesman Rear Admiral Mahmoud Mousavi stated.

The coast-to-sea Qader missile, which was fired by the Navy at southeastern Makran coasts, hit the target at a distance of 200 kilometers, Mousavi explained.

The Nasr cruise missile was also launched by a missile firing destroyer, he added.

Mousavi went on to say the Army has abundant and different kinds of marine cruise missiles.

He said these missiles have unique capabilities with great explosive capacity that can also resist electronic warfare.

“Today the Navy is able to destroy surface and subsurface vessels by using coast-to-sea local missiles from long distances,” Mousavi said, adding the technology to produce such missiles will keep advancing more and more.

He went on to say that the navy’s missiles are deployed at the coasts and “are ready to bury any invader at the depth of the sea”.

On Sunday, the Army launched the annual exercises near the mouth of the Persian Gulf.

"The military exercise in Iran's coast on the Sea of Oman is to display the country's military might and readiness to confront our enemies," Mousavi said on Sunday.

The exercise covers an area from the eastern parts of the Strait of Hormuz to the northern tip of the Indian Ocean and parts of the Red Sea.

The drill involves forces from the Army Ground Force, Navy, Air Force, and Air Defense units.

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