Children with hemophilia toured attractions in Qom

November 14, 2021 - 18:43

TEHRAN – Qom authorities have taken a group of children with hemophilia on a sightseeing tour across the holy Iranian city.

“Unfortunately, some people, due to certain diseases, cannot go on tourism tours and benefit from healthy recreation as they should,” Qom tourism chief said on Saturday.

“Tours dedicated to special patients requires special equipment and special care. . . and perhaps due to these difficulties many [tour operators] refuse to hold such excursions,” Alireza Arjmandi added.

The tour for children with hemophilia was conducted by the Qom tourism directorate in collaboration with Qom Municipality, the official explained.

Situated adjacent to salt-covered deserts, golden dunes, running sands, and jagged mountains, Qom is home to the shrine of Hazrat-e Masumeh (SA) and major religious madrasas (schools).

Apart from sightseers and pilgrims who visit Qom to pay homage, it is also a top destination for Shia scholars and students who come from across the world to learn Islamic studies at its madrasas and browse through eminent religious bookshops.

One of the most visited natural spots of Qom is Hoz-e Soltan, an eye-catching salt lake is in the middle of the desert. The visitors could easily walk in the shallow parts and enjoy the shapes created by the salt, however, the center of the lake could be dangerous, as it is muddy and could easily trap people.


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