Iranian president’s special envoy consults with Taliban officials

November 16, 2021 - 21:3

TEHRAN — Hassan Kazemi Qomi, the Iranian president’s special envoy for Afghanistan, met with Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, the First Deputy Prime Minister of the caretaker Taliban government, on Tuesday.

“During the meeting, there was a discussion about expanding relations between the two countries and establishing joint cooperation committees in various fields,” Annamullah Samangani, the deputy spokesman for the Taliban caretaker government, tweeted. 

According to the office of the Taliban's first deputy prime minister, Mullah Baradar viewed the meeting as an important opportunity for Afghanistan and, while appreciating Iran's hosting of Afghan refugees, stressed the need to establish good relations between the two neighbors.

Both sides also discussed political, educational, economic, financial, water and energy issues as well as public welfare, refugee affairs and resumption of the ongoing projects.

Kazemi Qomi meets Taliban FM

In his first official visit to Kabul as special envoy, Kazemi Qomi also met with the Taliban Foreign Minister Amir Khan Mottaqi.

During the meeting, which took place at the Foreign Ministry, the Iranian special envoy said, “Iran and Afghanistan have a rich history and historical ties, and the Islamic Republic of Iran will not leave the Afghan people alone under any circumstances.”

At the beginning of the meeting, the Taliban Foreign Minister expressed hope that the problems facing Afghanistan will be resolved soon.

Kazemi Qomi arrived in Kabul on Monday. Talking to reporters at Kabul airport, he said some countries were using the fight against terrorism as a pretext to launch a proxy war in Afghanistan.

This is the first visit by President Raisi’s special envoy to Afghanistan. 

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