Air Force commander meets Navy chief on occasion of Navy Day

November 28, 2021 - 21:32

TEHRAN - Air Force Commander Hamid Vahedi and his accompanying delegation met on Saturday with Navy Commander Shahram Irani to congratulate him on Navy Day, which falls on November 28.

Congratulating Navy Day, Vahedi said, "The Navy has been able to achieve significant strategic and defense progress by relying on internal capacities and trusting the capabilities of the country's elites and supporting creativity and initiatives."

The commander of the Air Force stated that certainly through unity and empathy that exist today among all the armed forces units coupled with the wise and prudent leadership of the Armed Forces Commander-in-Chief, no superpower would dare to threaten Iranian lands like those days that Saddam Hussein’s army invaded Iran in September 1980.

The Navy commander, for his part, praised the great efforts of Air Force personnel during the imposed war against Iran in the 1980s, saying, "Certainly, the heavy defeat and collapse of the Ba'athist regime's navy, with all the support by great powers during the war, took place with the support of the pilots and the sacrifices of the Air Force, which, along with the Navy, were able to humiliate the arrogant superpowers."

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