Iran planning to launch 3 satellites into space

November 29, 2021 - 17:43

TEHRAN – Iran is going ahead with the launch of three satellites into orbit in line with a national plan to develop the space industry over the last 10 years.

In the first meeting of the Supreme Council of Space on Friday, President Ebrahim Raisi has highlighted the importance of developing the national space industry, calling on the related organizations to join hands in this regard.

Raisi stressed the low-cost indigenization of the space industry and said that "All sectors active in this industry should work together, use each other's experiences and avoid parallel work, to realize the order of Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khamenei in order to launch a satellite into an orbit of 36,000 km.

Acceleration of the space arena, strengthening synergy and all elements of industry actors and maximum attention to space diplomacy, achieving the goals of the country's space programs as much as possible, providing the resources needed to accelerate the space industry, was the most important issued discussed in the meeting.

According to the activities of the Space Research Institute, the Space Agency, and the Ministry of Communications, there is no concern in the satellite injection directly by the launcher and valuable steps have been taken in this regard, but to achieve orbits higher than Leo, which eventually reaches Geo, the transition block can play a decisive role.

Altitude up to 2,000 km is called the Low Earth Orbit (LEO). From 2,000 kilometers to 35,786 kilometers are called the geosynchronous orbit (GEO).

The first and most advanced remote-sensing satellite is Pars-1 satellite, which has been designed and constructed by the researchers of the Iranian Space Research Center.

Pars-1 is supposed to take pictures of all parts of the country using a high-resolution 15-meter-camera and send its photos from a 500-kilometer distance to the earth stations using a high-powered telecommunication transceiver.

According to previous reports, the Iranian Space Agency has plans to launch a number of satellites including Pars-1, Pars-2, Zafar-2, and Nahid-2.

According to the Ministry of Communications, there are shortcuts to reach the 36,000-kilometer circuit, such as the use of orbital transmission systems. Saman orbital transfer system is ready for initial tests, which can transfer a 100-kilogram satellite from the park orbit with a height of 400 kilometers to an elliptical orbit of 700 kilometers and then to 10,000, 21,000, and 36,000 kilometers.


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