Calm region detrimental to UK-France lucrative contracts

December 5, 2021 - 21:43

TEHRAN — French President Emmanuel Macron visited the West Asia region amid diplomatic standoff between Iran and the European troika (France, UK, and Germany). What is the true purpose of such visits?

The answer can be found here: France and Britain, as two members of the European troika, do not like a calm region. 

A tense region benefits them greatly.

In his visit to Dubai on Friday, December 3, Macron was accompanied by a large delegation. H was accompanied by Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire and Defense Minister Florence Parly among others. 

After his meeting with Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, known as MBZ, the UAE’s presidential advisor Anwar Gargash told reporters “I don't want to reveal the Christmas present,” according to AFP.

After Macron’s meeting with MBZ, France announced that a 16 billion-euro deal has been signed with the UAE for the sale of 80 Rafale warplanes. The UAE intends to use these warplanes to replace Mirage 2000 fleet. 

Political experts referred to the deal as “mega-contract”.

After his visit to the UAE and Qatar, Macron went to Saudi Arabia to visit another so-called influential actor in the region, MBS. 

Mohammad Bin Salman is one of the frontrunners in opposing the Vienna talks intended to remove the brutal sanctions the United States has imposed on Iran. Saudi Arabia and the UAE have both stated that a return to the JCPOA is impossible without their involvement in the process. 

Macron is the first Western leader to meet with bin Salman in Saudi Arabia since Saudi writer Jamal Khashoggi was mutilated inside Riyadh's consulate in Istanbul in 2018.

The French president is very keen on building ties with the Persian Gulf countries, especially since the withdrawal of the United States from Afghanistan, and an imminent withdrawal from Iraq. Yet, this interest is not limited to just France. The United Kingdom is also interested in the famous policy of “create a division, then rule.” 

These visits are –on paper- intended to de-escalate tensions in the region, yet, they do not seem so. During his visit to the UAE, Macron prematurely announced the failure of the Vienna talks. He even went so far to suggest that the parties won’t be reconvening in Vienna soon. These remarks won’t certainly help stabilizing the region.

In that regard, Abdullah bin Zayed, the UAE’s Foreign Minister visited the United Kingdom in October. During the visit, he met with his British counterpart, Liz Truss.

These mutual visits have only worsened the situation in West Asia. Saudis have intensified their raids against Yemen, Lebanon is in a bad shape, and the European troika is jeopardizing a possible agreement with Iran for economic interests. 

Tahnoun Bin Zayed, the UAE National Security Advisor and MBZ’s right-hand man, visits Iran on Monday. If the UAE wishes to restore relations with Iran, it is advised not to fall in such traps. 

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