Iran FM: Co-op with neighbors, promoting economic diplomacy form cornerstones of foreign policy

December 27, 2021 - 22:4

TEHRAN — Speaking at the fifth session of the history of foreign relations held at the Foreign Ministry building on Monday, Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian pointed out that the Ebrahim Raisi administration believes in the promotion of economic diplomacy and cooperation with neighbors as the two pillars of Iran’s foreign policy.

Below are excerpts from his speech:

Today, the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran relies on two principles in its foreign policy: Cooperation with Iran's neighbors, and promotion of economic diplomacy.

If we examine these issues accurately, these two pillars imply that Iran, after a century of separation from its peripheral regions, is now determined to open the door to intra-regional cooperation. In this direction, the cross-border Iranian community network can play an important role, a role that is fully consistent with the work of immigrant communities displaced from Iran.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, without discrimination and prejudice, and with open arms, is ready to provide facilities for the establishment of commercial, industrial, financial, economic and capital infrastructure in the geography of its neighbors and in the heart of the world. Prioritizing increase at level of cultural contacts and social exchanges in the public diplomacy plan of the foreign ministry in the coming months with new and creative initiatives will be another policy that is set as soon as possible and with a comprehensive view of cooperation with society. [Problems of] Iranians abroad should be on the agenda of my colleagues. In addition to this comprehensive view, what is extremely important and effective is:

- Providing consular services and facilities

- Ensuring continuous and worry-free comings and goings;

- Change in citizenship laws for children born to Iranian mothers in consultation with the Islamic Consultative Assembly;

- Facilitate the provision of financial services

- Banking facilities to the Iranian community far from home

- Resolving legal problems and lawsuits through secure communication systems in the context of the Coronavirus pandemic to alleviate the concerns arising from the four events (birth, death, marriage and divorce) for the transnational Iranian community that cannot come and go because of the possibility of contracting common diseases during this epidemic.

The foreign policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran with the slogan of “No to the East and the West”, which is a clear example of anti-arrogance and also with two approaches to rights and democracy, hopes rise for cooperation and empathy with all members of the Iranian nation, including compatriots living in the country or community of Iranians abroad. There is also readiness to take rapid steps towards regional cooperation through relations that exist in the periphery of Iran and with which we have lived for centuries in the context of a common culture and civilization.

Therefore, it is necessary for the research center of the foreign ministry to try to direct applied research projects on the issues and problems of cross-border Iranian communities by compiling new topics. Then share the results with other specialized institutions in the government and parliament to draft plans and bills. As the foreign minister, I will use all my strength to achieve this goal in cooperation with my colleagues, and I am confident that in this path we will enjoy the blessings of our compatriots and the guidance of esteemed professors and researchers.

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