By Dr. Azam Molaei

United States is trapped in Israel’s overindulgence

January 2, 2022 - 17:9

TEHRAN - For decades, the primary concern of the United States, under both democratic and republican administrations, is to make sure that Israel is able and ready to defend itself.

The American citizens pay for expansionist policies and influential lobbies of Israel in America's political power structure, under the justification of securing the country's interests. Such as maintaining peace and stability in one of the most strategic regions in the world.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has never recognized Israel as a legitimate state. So, it is only a matter of time for Israeli officials and the Zionist lobbies in Washington to direct their destabilizing activities toward the Islamic Republic and never miss an opportunity to turn the U.S. administrations against the Islamic Republic.

One of the many tipping moments when Israeli officials proved most influential in the U.S. foreign policy decision-making was the unlawful assassination of General Soleimani, which has been admitted to by Israeli intelligence officials. In an interview with the Israel Channel 12, Tamir Hayman, a former Israeli intelligence chief, acknowledges that the Israeli intelligence services informed the U.S. officials that the Iranian Quds General had been planning on an extensive military operation, in the Persian Gulf, against the American forces. Accordingly, the U.S. forces were on alert for possible Iranian aggression.

Contrary to what the Israeli officials claimed, General Soleimani and his associates flew to the neighboring country on a civilian airplane to carry a message about “the Baghdad Initiative” to reduce regional tensions, according to Adil Abdul-Mahdi, the former Iraq Prime Minister.

Therefore, it is clear that the Israeli regime manipulated the American government to achieve its most wanted objective and interest of taking a strike on Iran by removing its key player. Sadly, the Trump administration succumbed to Israel's demand to make an unlawful killing, leaving Iran with no retaliatory option other than firing a barrage of rockets at Ain Al-Assad Base housing the American troops. 

The attack, unprecedented as it was, led to several wounded American soldiers, and, above all, it discredited and humiliated the American government in regional and global arenas.

Israel's opposition to the U.S. returning to the Iran deal is another classic example of the Zionists' attempt to turn its concerns with removing Iran sanctions into a global one. They Argue to the European and American governments that the deal is flawed and that Plan B, i.e., military option, is inevitable. According to U.S. strategic national security documents, it is in its best interest to establish peace and stability in West Asia and the Persian Gulf. So, it would be able to compete with its emerging rivals, China and Russia.

It is emphasized in The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy by John Mearsheimer with Stephen Walt, unequivocal and unwavering support for Israel not only does the United States interests disservice, but it also runs counter to it. It further angers the Muslim nations and encourages masses to oppose and actively target American interests in the region. The truth is, contrary to what U.S. officials constantly claim, unilateral and unconditional support for Israel always has the opposite effect. Not only has it not resolved the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but it also has made the United States ousting from the region a uniting objective for Western Asian populations, giving rise to terrorism and extremism.

Perhaps it is time for the Americans, the members of Congress, and the Federal government to pay closer attention to Israel playing the victim card and manipulatively globalizing its interests. Thus, wasting the American tax-paying dollars and putting the lives of American soldiers in harm, to only secure its national security and interests.

Dr. Azam Molaei is an expert in “Iran and West Asia”

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