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  Future is created by leader of organization.

February 5, 2022 - 11:0

On the occasion of organizing 2021 Job Fair in Boostan-e-Goftegoo in Tehran, we reached out to Mr. Ramin Javanroud, co-founder and chairman of the Board of Directors of “Body Spinner” to learn about development path of brand of his company as well as key and constructive role of manpower in his organization.

Mr. Ramin Javanroud started his career as a wholesaler in the field of clothing and after a few years of presence in the clothing market, he realized the need for production of clothing in the market. So, with the name of "Tan Rees" Company, he added the production of clothing and retail to the company's activity, and finally, by explaining the vision of entering the global markets, the name of the company was changed to "Body Spinner".

To learn more about the details, we have conducted an interview with him which comes as follows,

Q: Undoubtedly, you had a lot of working plans and goals at the beginning of activity of “Body Spinner”. Now, have you managed to achieve those goals after passage of years?

A: The fact is that success has a high place in my mind. Maybe, according to my friends, I am on the path to success, but the reality is that our organization is a successful organization in the field of store management. If we want to define success in the field of branding, I have to say that “Body Spinner” is a local brand, we are not even a regional brand. So I think whenever we managed to supply and sell 70% of our products outside of Iran, then we can turn our products into a brand, and consequently, we can say that we have succeeded in this field. As you know, achieving this desired success is very time-consuming.

Q: "Tan Rees" and "Body Spinner" have gone through various development paths over the years. Would you mind explaining more on this?

A: Presently, our company has the name of “Tan Rees” and is known with this name but we needed to change our name for export purposes, So, we changed the same Iranian name to Latin. Of course, we use Iranian elements a lot because we want to preserve Iranian originality in our products. On the other hand, in the logo of “Body Spinner”, we have used the symbol of "ram", which is very old in Iran.

Here, I have to say that I do not try to run my business too idealistically. Because I have other commitments besides branding. Today, I should say that “Body Spinner” is a family of 750 that I have to try to maintain, even in these difficult economic situations. I believe that manpower plays a very key role in success of any economic enterprise.

So, although I like the tone of the Nasta'liq script, I believe that today, given the tastes of the new generation, no personal interest can be imposed on this generation. In our company, the main goal is to move in a direction that is customer-oriented, so if all directions are focused on customer demand, good events will definitely happen. In general, customers’ satisfaction has been put atop agenda of our company.

Unfortunately, today we see that some brands want to impose their personal interests on the customer and in this case, be sure that they are doomed to failure and cannot compete at the domestic market in particular.

So, despite the fact that I wanted the logo and name of company as “Tan Rees”, which has some kind of Iranian originality with it, I preferred the customer's request. On the other hand, one of long-term goals of the company is to eye foreign target market by 1405 (2026) and for this purpose, we should set up branch offices in other countries because there is a possibility of exporting clothes from Iran. Generally speaking, we want to move with “Body Spinner” in a direction to get a share in the regional markets.

Q: Do you currently have sales in other countries?

A: We were able to attract customers in countries in the region such as Russia, Armenia, etc., but we do not have branches or stores. The fact is that our goal is not to sell the product, but we want the brand of “Body Spinner” to enter other countries and establish a branch office there.

  Future is created by leader of organization.

Q: Given that you have competitors and rivals in Iran, what is the distinction that made your brand and organization be a successful brand?

A: It has always been said that Iranians do not know the knowledge of teamwork, but today I want to make it clear that the distinguishing feature of “Body Spinner” has been based on teamwork and collective thinking. Today, most of our staff experience the second decade of their presence in the company. Perhaps one of the reasons for this is that we like to work collectively. Here, I have to send a message to all those who want to work in the clothing industry that teamwork is one of the criteria for success of any economic enterprise and this issue must be taken into serious consideration.

Q: Do you have a plan in the field of employment, generation of job, and also development of your company?

A: Definitely, if we want to develop and expand our business, we need to hire and employ the most experienced and talented workforce. One of my utmost desires is to hire and employ more manpower and I hope to announce in my next five-year development plan that Body Spinner has grown to 7,500 instead of 750 manpower. Although entering the world trade will make the situation more difficult, we are preparing ourselves to take a share not only at domestic market but also in other countries.

Q: You mentioned Job Fair in your speech, what is your purpose in attending this Fair?

A: Job Fair is an event attended by a large number of job seekers and employers to exchange information about required jobs and introduce their companies and its main purpose is to introduce new companies and businesses, provide ideas to students and graduates to find jobs. In addition to getting information on the job opportunities, job seekers can attend conferences and workshops at these events and receive valuable training on how to manage their career paths.

  Future is created by leader of organization.

Q: Would you mind explaining this question what impact did sanctions and similar problems have on your organization and what challenges did it create for your company?

A: In response to your question, I should say that sanctions have undoubtedly created serious problems for any economic enterprise in the country so sanctions have their own problems. For example, the most important event was the skyrocketing price of raw materials caused by oppressive and cruel sanctions imposed against the country in a way that sanctions have affected all activities of any economic enterprise in the country severely.

Q: Your company was selected as a top entrepreneur in 2019 and 2020. What do you think is the reason for this success?

A: Perhaps one of the reasons for this success and choice is that we do not look at human beings as tools. Our behavior in the organization is such that the staffs are our stakeholders and beneficiaries, so as I strive for my own life, I strive for the lives of my own stakeholders, because, we are going to create the future together.

Q: What is your most important concern or challenge in this business right now?

A: In response to your question, I should say that the major problem facing our company is the issue of working capital. Of course, this is not my only concern, I think it is the concern of all my colleagues as well. On the other hand, lack of the most experienced, skilled and competent is of the major concern of our company because I am of the opinion that skilled and competent manpower is a driving force for realizing most objectives of any economic enterprise.  

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