Persian new year: Iran UNESCO branch to stage nationwide celebrations

March 12, 2022 - 18:45

TEHRAN – The Iranian National Commission for UNESCO plans to set up various programs to celebrate the new Iranian year 1401 (starting on March 21), the director of the commission has said. 

The chain program will kick off on Monday in Tehran in the presence of the Secretary-General of the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO), and a number of its ministers and representatives, as well as ambassadors of various countries, IRNA quoted Hojjatollah Ayyubi as saying on Saturday. 

Different ethnic ensembles from across the country are scheduled to perform their new year’s traditions while some 300 Kurdish daf players will perform on Tabiat Bridge in the heart of the capital, he noted. 

Afterward, they will move to the west-central Hamedan province and then to the western province of Kermanshah, the official added. 

Their next stop will be Sanandaj, the capital of the western province of Kordestan, he mentioned.

He also said that Noruz has become a symbol of solidarity among nations in the region and that different ethnic groups and tribes of the country can serve as ambassadors of peace, dialogue, and Iranian culture around the world.

Last week, Tehran Municipality announced that the Iranian capital is being prepared to host new year travelers during the Noruz holidays. 

The city will be equipped with tourist buses with the presence of tour guides, particularly in areas with tourist centers, and free tours will be offered and most of the recreational, historical and cultural centers and museums are scheduled to be open to the public during the holidays.

Meanwhile, carnivals featuring fictional figures from Iranian folklore, such as Uncle Noruz, the herald of spring, and his companion Haji Firuz, will be held and traditional rituals will be performed throughout the city. 

Milad Tower will also host an ethnic exhibition, and Iranian tribes will set up booths in different parts of Tehran with ethnic products. 

Back in January, the deputy tourism minister announced that the Iranian government should get fully prepared for a surge and potential tsunami of tourism when COVID-restrictions are over.
“Despite not knowing how the coronavirus outbreak will evolve in the future, we ought to plan on hosting tourists during the upcoming holidays of Noruz (Iranian new year).” 

Travel and tourism will increase as vaccination becomes a priority around the world and lifestyles align, the official added.


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