“The most beautiful days of life,” a story of women’s unforgettable role in the

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March 12, 2022 - 19:3

Do you remember the book “Da (Mother)” which was published in 2008 and quickly became a bestseller?

That book, published by Soore Mehr, was the beginning of a new chapter in the oral history of the war and one of the most influential books in the genre. Everyone was touched by Seyedeh Zahra Hosseini's unforgettable memories and new views from the dramatic days of Khorramshahr's liberation. Perhaps no one has ever told the story of the war in such a feminine and affective way before. And now that I’m sitting here reading “The most beautiful days of life,” by Soroe Mehr publication, it's no surprise that it reminds me of the "Da" book. The author of this book, a colleague and influenced by the “Da” book’s author, has written the story from the perspective of a downtrodden woman in Khorramshahr, the city where the author has stated that Khorramshahr is no longer an ordinary city nor just an industrial and commercial city; it is a holy city. She wishes everyone would read the history of this city and know what happened to it.

The difficult process of research and writing

Somayeh Shariflou is a professional researcher more than a writer that has gone through many challenges to complete the project of recording the memories of Fouzieh Madih.

A sky full of stars and an army of mosquitoes

Seyyedeh Fouzieh Madih, the main character of the story, was born in Khorramshahr and comes from a traditional and religious family but like those lovely families who raise their children in a house full of kindness, have dinner together every night, and despite the pain of insect bites, they go out to sleep under the stars at night, which they enjoy.

In the first pages of the book, the author has described the Iranian and Arab lifestyle with patience and complete details, which is very amazing and interesting. 

If we don’t write…

If you want to see the incredible role of women in the war, the tough conditions behind the front, and just wandering there for a few days, “The most beautiful days of life,” is for you. Do not miss this deep narrative, full of details and full of passion for life.

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