Site for high-wire cycling inaugurated in northwest Iran

April 2, 2022 - 21:0

TEHRAN – A recreational site for high-wire cycling has recently been inaugurated in the ancient city of Hir, northwest Iran.

The site of suspended cycle lanes, which lets riders glide over a deep valley, is situated near a suspension bridge in Ardabil province.

It was officially inaugurated on  April 1 during an opening ceremony attended by Nader Fallahi, the provincial tourism chief, and a host of local travel insiders.

Site for high-wire cycling inaugurated in northwest Iran

Ardabil is home to a variety of “scary” glass bridges. Moreover, it embraces the UNESCO-registered Sheikh Safi al-Din Khanegah and Shrine Ensemble.

Sprawling on a high, windswept plateau, Ardabil is well-known for having lush natural beauties, hospitable people, and its silk and carpet trade tradition.

Ardabil is very cold in winter and mild in summer, attracting thousands every year. The capital city of Ardabil is usually recorded as one of the coldest cities in the country in winter.


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