Khan reveals: U.S. going oldschool on Pakistan

April 4, 2022 - 21:10

TEHRAN — Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan, who was able to retain power after a no-confidence motion against him was rejected on Sunday, has revealed that U.S. diplomat Donald Lu was part of an alleged conspiracy to destabilize his government.

Khan escaped the opposition's attempt to depose him as the National Assembly deputy speaker rejected a no-confidence motion against him, claiming it was a "foreign plot."

Addressing a meeting of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leaders after the National Assembly Deputy Speaker rejected the no-trust motion citing national security, he said that during the National Security Committee's meeting, the country's highest security body, it was also noted that a foreign interference in the country's internal politics was made via a no-confidence motion.

Following that, Khan claimed that Donald Lu, the top American official in charge of South Asia at the U.S. State Department, was implicated in the purported plot to destabilize his government.

Khan alleged that Lu threatened Pakistan's envoy to the U.S., Asad Majeed, that if Pakistan’s Prime Minister survived the no-trust vote in the National Assembly, there would be consequences.

He stated that minutes of a meeting between Pakistan's ambassador in the U.S. and U.S. officials were disclosed during the National Security Council meeting.

The AFP news agency quoted Khan as saying, "A plan was perpetrated outside Pakistan to interfere in internal politics of the country, and when the highest national security body acknowledged it, it became meaningless as to how many numbers the opposition had in the assembly."

According to him, the embassy authorities of the stated country were also in contact with the PTI members who had defected.

Khan called the no-confidence vote against him a "foreign conspiracy," and he thanked God that it was defeated.

Referring to his declaration earlier in the day, the prime minister stated that the opposition was in shock and didn't know what had happened to them.

In response to Khan's remarks, White House Director of Communications Kate Bedingfield dismissed claims that Washington was involved in the alleged conspiracy.

"That claim is completely false," Bedingfield told reporters.

However, in a recent video footage of Lu testifying in the U.S. Congress, he admits that he approached Pakistani officials as Pakistan abstained to vote against Russian aggression against Ukraine. 

In the footage, Lu says, “Prime Minister Khan has recently visited Moscow, so, I think, we are trying to figure out how to engage specifically with the Prime Minister following that decision.”

Interestingly, Sri Lanka which also abstained from voting is now facing “financial crisis.” It all comes together when you put the pieces of the puzzle together. Lu approached the Sri Lankan ambassador in Washington over the phone at 6:00 a.m., trying to convince them to vote for the UN resolution condemning Russia. 

Who is Lu?

Lu is a Foreign Service officer with over 30 years of experience in the U.S. government. From 2010 to 2013, he was the deputy head of mission in India.

As the Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia, Lu is the highest-ranking U.S. diplomat in the region. He is a former U.S. ambassador to Kyrgyzstan and Albania, and he has twice served at the U.S. embassy in New Delhi.

In September of last year, Lu was named assistant secretary of state for South and Central Asian affairs.

Losing its allies, Washington is seeking to punish “unfaithful” friends, but Pakistan will prevail. Washington’s oldschool tricks can’t fool the smart people of Pakistan. 

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