Iran’s Selen Arami wins Planet Earth Grand Prix at Kao children’s painting contest

April 11, 2022 - 18:16

TEHRAN – Seven-year-old Iranian girl Selen Arami has won the Planet Earth Grand Prix at the 12th edition of the Kao International Environment Painting Contest for Children in Japan.

The contest is organized every year by Kao Corporation, a chemical and cosmetics company headquartered in Tokyo in the hope that paintings and thoughts expressed by children around the world on their sincere consideration in regard to conservation of the environment around them and the earth and its future, will inspire people across the globe, and lead to taking action for changing lifestyles.

The Kao group announced the Environmental Statement in 2009, which stipulates they promote “eco together”, working with consumers, business partners and communities.

Selen’s painting entitled “Friendship between Man and Animals and Nature” shows people looking after an injured giraffe together, the jury said in their statement published on March 26.

“The painting is filled her thoughtfulness and adoration for nature. Overall, the painting looks shiny, embodying her strong wish for an ideal world and her hopes for the future. Giraffes are peeking through the trees, and it makes us realize that she is seeing plants and animals as equal creatures. Meanwhile, the giraffes’ faces look as if they are keeping a certain distance from the humans, perhaps suggesting that nature and animals are testing humans to see if we are on their side. The dotted style fills the work with rhythm and joy,” the jury added.

Selen is a member of Iran’s Institute for Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults (IIDCYA-Kanoon).

Fatemeh Abiri, a ten-year-old member of Kanoon, also was among eight other children each of whom won a Kao Prize.

The jury praised her work named “Angel of Nature” by their comment.

“There is a moment just before sunset when the landscape is enveloped in a golden shine,” the jury said. 

“The painting reminds us that there are beautiful moments and happiness in our ordinary lives, which we are inclined to forget as we keep busy. The painting warms our heart as does the beauties of nature and the scenes we gaze at, and it makes us wish that the happy scene in this painting will last forever. The sensitivity is outstanding, catching and cherishing this moment, and wanting to draw it out, as well as the power of expressions that makes us viewers feel the birds chirping, the car revving, and even a whiff of the air in the town,” they added.

“Friendship” by Kian Jamshidpur, another member of Kanoon, also won an Eco Friend Prize, which is a special jury prize.

Photo: “Friendship between Man and Animals and Nature” by Selen Arami from Iran won the Planet Earth Grand Prix at the 12th edition of the Kao International Environment Painting Contest for Children in Japan. 


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