An interview with Muhammad Reza Aslani

Fire in Azarshahr

April 16, 2022 - 17:10

The novel “Fire in Azarshahr” by Muhammad Reza Aslani is about Mir Asadollah Madani’s life with his social and political activities.

This book also discusses the political and security circumstances in the years leading up to the Islamic Revolution and people's struggles.

* Tell us a little about your new book.

This book is mainly about Mir Asadollah Madani, however, there are stories scattered throughout the book, the majority of which focus on two SAVAK spies. These two characters own stores in the bazaar. They are coworkers and know each other, but they have no idea what they are doing or what will happen to them while working for SAVAK, and they will soon understand the consequences of their actions.

* Why did you decide to write “Fire in Azarshahr” in the first place?

I spent seven years in Azarshahr because of my job, and that's when I found out about Martyr Madani, and I began to research about him. His interesting life and the events that took place in this city inspired me to write this book.

* What research did you conduct in order to write this book?

As I previously stated, I discovered about him while I was in Azarshahr. I began talking with people who knew him and had a better understanding of his social personality as a consequence of my conversations. I also studied various sources and books about him and combining all of these factors resulted in the writing of this novel.

* Explain the story's characters; are they actual people?

In this novel, there are two types of characters. I used nicknames instead of real names for some people, such as the leaders of SAVAK offices in the centers of different provinces, and I used real names for other characters that I knew were actually good people. 

* Apart from the character of Mir Asadollah Madani, what other important points have you addressed?

People's social relationships and beliefs in Azarchahr were also important to me. They sheltered war victims without getting any money during the 8 years of the holy defense, which shows the hospitality of the people of this city, and the readers will be informed about this city as well.

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