IRGC: Foes regularly request Iran to give up revenge for Gen. Soleimani assassination

April 22, 2022 - 2:53

TEHRAN – Commander of the naval unit of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) announced on Thursday that enemies regularly send messages to Iran requesting the Islamic Republic to abandon vengeance for the assassination of Lt. General Qassem Soleimani.

Speaking in a gathering in Shiraz, Rear Admiral Alireza Tangsiri said adversaries say if Iran gives up the revenge for the assassination “we will give that concession and lift sanctions” but this is a “wishful thinking”.

Tangsiri said both the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and the IRGC Commander Maj. Gen. Hossein Salami have insisted that the revenge for the assassination is “definite” but “we decide on its place and time.” 

Former U.S. president Donald Trump ordered the assassination of Iran’s legendary anti-terror commander Gen. Soleimani while on a visit to Iraq on January 3, 2020. He was martyred near Iraq’s international airport in a drone strike by the U.S. military.

Millions of mourners took part in the funeral procession for the martyr general in Iraq, and the Iranian cities of Ahvaz, Mashhad, Tehran, Kerman, Qom and Kerman, the city of his birth place.

Daesh (ISIL) celebrated the martyrdom the general.

Iraqi officials have conceded that if it was not for General Soleimani both Baghdad and the Iraqi Kurdistan would have been captured by the Daesh.

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