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​​​​​​​Why should we travel to Tehran?

May 7, 2022 - 11:26

Tehran is a city that has many tourist attractions that is one of the most popular cities and many tourists are attracted to Tehran.

Tehran is a different city. With those palaces, museums, restaurants, and more importantly the kind and loving people who keep travelers for at least a few days, of course, depends a little on you. You can use a car rental in Tehran to visit all the perfect places in this city. Tehran is an amazing combination of modernity and the traditional and strong structure of a city. Tehran, with its origins several thousand years, was once the capital of Persia, whereas the city of Rey, which is now considered south of Tehran, was the capital of the land of Persia.

History of Tehran

In some Parsig writings, Rey is introduced as the birthplace of Zoroaster. The transformation of Tehran from an ordinary city into a modern capital began in the Pahlavi era. During the Pahlavi era, state affairs were concentrated in the capital and the number of government employees in the city increased rapidly. During this period, the city of Tehran, in addition to two political and commercial duties, also accepted administrative duties. From 1312 to 1318, the construction of large educational institutions such as the University of Tehran and modern hospitals began. Amjadieh Stadium, the Museum of Ancient Iran, and the National Library were also established in the same years. Also in Tehran, cinemas, cafes, hotels, and restaurants were built, and due to the arrival of cars and buses, the streets were paved or asphalted, and new buildings with modern western architecture changed the face of the capital. After the 1979 revolution, Tehran became the center of population acceptance in Iran. This issue was able to help the formation of the metropolis of Tehran and made Tehran one of the largest metropolises in the Middle East. The increase in population, despite the formation of the metropolis of Tehran.

In modern times, you can use car rental in Tehran to see the history of this city and enjoy all the perfect places in Tehran.

​​​​​​​Why should we travel to Tehran?

The best time to travel to Tehran

The best time to visit Tehran is Nowruz when the weather is milder and Tehran is more secluded than ever. If you want to visit Tehran's sights, museums, parks, and historical houses in Tehran choose this time, April, to travel to Tehran. Because the streets of Tehran are deserted and empty of traffic, smoke, and fumes. But, on the other hand, if you want to buy some souvenirs in this city, the best time for traveling to Tehran is in March.

What is the weather like in Tehran?

Tehran's climate is semi-arid and the north of the city has a cooler climate as it is located in the Alborz highlands. Of course, the existence of old gardens, green spaces, and urban parks and on the other hand the lack of population and industrial activities in the northern part of Tehran has not been ineffective in cooling this area compared to other areas of Tehran.

What are the best places in Tehran?

There are some perfect places in Tehran that you can visit with a car rental in Tehran. Some places such as parks, museums, castles and other places that you can visit in all the seasons.

1. Tehran Bazaar

2. Masoudiyeh Mansion, Tehran

3. Azadi Tower

4. Milad tower

5. Museum of Glass and Pottery

6. Golestan palace

7. Aramistan Zahir Al-Dawlah

8. Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Tehran

9. Naderi Cafe

10. Tehran Book Garden

​​​​​​​Why should we travel to Tehran?

Tehran is one of the best reasons for traveling to Iran. You can use Iran tours, for traveling to this country in all the seasons and enjoy perfect and wonderful places in Tehran.

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