Iran has capacity to increase share of medical equipment market

May 13, 2022 - 16:21

TEHRAN – Iran holds a share of one percent (about $5 billion) in the global market for medical equipment of approximately $500 billion, but the country has the potential to increase the share, according to the statistics of the Ministry of Health.

In 2018, the National Medical Device Directorate reported that the Iranian medical equipment market was worth $2.5 billion, 30 percent of which belonged to over 1,000 domestic firms.

On a global scale, 56 percent of 500,000 medical equipment items available in the world market have Iranian versions. In pharmaceuticals, around 70 percent of Iran’s $4.5 billion markets are domestic products and, in 2018, 97 percent of pharmaceuticals consumed in the country were manufactured locally.

Iranian companies producing medical equipment export their products to 54 countries across the world. In 2018, 67 percent of the active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) used to produce drugs in Iran were made locally.

A total of 227 knowledge-based firms are supplying medical equipment for health centers across the country, according to the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology.

Iranian companies producing medical equipment export their products to 54 countries across the world.

Iran Health expo which is to be held on May 24- 27 is also a platform for international medical manufacturers to demonstrate their products and services annually at the International Permanent Fairground in Tehran. This event showcases and covers a wide spectrum of products like medical devices, health care services, laboratory equipment, hospital equipment, pharmaceutical products and services associated with this field, etc. This event would also have several concurrent Medical Workshops and B2B Meetings covered in dentistry, laboratory, and pharmaceutical domains.

The 23rd edition of the international exhibition of medical, pharmaceutical & laboratory equipment  (Iran Health) will take place at Tehran International Fairground. Iranian and non-Iranian companies and organizations gather to exchange their scientific and technical knowledge, technologies, potentials, and demands.


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