"The Streets' Feelings 2," a story about homeless recovered addicts

May 13, 2022 - 18:46

"The Streets' Feelings 2" is a collection of stories recorded and compiled by Nafiseh Alavi from addicted and homeless people, damaged children, women, and men who need society's support and love. 

Previously, " The Streets' Feelings 1" was released with the theme of memories, stories, and poems concerning the experiences of homeless people.

"The Streets' Feelings 2,” tells the stories of 27 recovered persons, each of them has shared their painful experiences with the reader, beginning with their first drug use and ending with homelessness, loneliness, and treatment centers.

"We wanted to be the ones to find and share the inner treasure of recovered people because it may be the elixir of salvation for those who are in the same danger. This book is about the lives and experiences of forgotten men and women in the city, which can be useful for researchers looking for the truth about this devastation and how it can be healed,” said Nafiseh Alavi, the main combiner and editor of the two books, about the goal of their release. 

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