Iranian military chief: We do not assume that the enemy is asleep

May 28, 2022 - 21:22

TEHRAN — Chief of the General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces said on Saturday that “we do not assume that the enemy is asleep”.

Major General Mohammad Bagheri made the remarks while he inspected the Army’s secret underground drone site, named the 313 Strategic UAV Base. 

The senior commander also expressed delight over his visit to the underground drone site, saying, “Today is an extremely valuable and exceptional day for me. I saw the significant power of Iran’s drones in the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran and in one of the underground and safe operational and strategic drone bases.” 

He said in the contemporary battles unmanned aerial vehicle (UAVs) are gaining a higher position day by day in various sections such as defensive, offensive, ground, naval, aerial, and air operations, destruction, reconnaissance, surveillance, electronic warfare, cargo transportation and dozens of other missions. 

“They are among the equipment and methods of war,” Bagheri added. 

Bagheri noted that what is now seen in recent years in the battles in the Caucasus, Ukraine and elsewhere, and previously experienced in the fight against terrorists in Syria and Iraq, and other battles of the last decade, shows that the importance of drones is exceptional.

The importance of drones is strongly growing, he remarked. 

“The Army has entered the evolving phase for today and the future with a precise understanding of the need for future battles using new methods and equipment, and fortunately today we have seen this capability in the Army in the field of drones,” he noted. 

The military chief then stated that this change can be seen in all aspects of the Army in various dimensions. 

“It is indeed appropriate for me to thank Major General Mousavi, the Commander-in-Chief of the Army, the Chief of Staff of the Army, and the commanders of the forces and their comrades who made these changes. These events took place in this period, relying on God and following the orders and instructions of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution with hard work, as well as intellectual and practical efforts. Today we are witnessing part of this capability. Designing drones at this level and building them by the army is not an easy task,” he noted.

Bagheri added besides these, the defense industry is working step by step and is not only building UAVs, but all the equipment needed to build UAV and weapons. “They are being built in our country and in the military.”

The Armed Forces chief stressed that in any case the military must examine the scene of a possible battle by playing a smart, accurate and neutral war. 

“We won’t be getting into a propaganda and biased war, and if we conclude that we need change, we must enter bravely. We must try and create this transformation to deter the enemy. These are not possible with the methods, equipment and facilities of the past, and this must happen with the new facilities and methods. So the drones we saw today could play such a role well,” Bagheri elaborated. 

“In the Army, aerial defense, air force and navy, one of our concerns is how to prepare the equipment of the past and with what changes for possible future battles,” said the military chief, noting that this spirit of revolutionary work is very valuable. 

“Today we saw the drones and we are thankful that a lot of work has been done in this area,” he said, thanking the Army experts. 

The military chief went on to say that Iran never underestimates the threat of the enemies. “We do not assume that the enemy is asleep. Our eyes are open and we are constantly vigilant.” 

He concluded his remarks by saying that he is thankful and he hopes to see more and more dimensions of the Army's strength “day by day.”

At the end of his visit, a number of UAV design and production experts in the Army were honored.

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