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Top 6 English language teaching books for children

June 11, 2022 - 16:2

Learning a foreign language can enrich a person's life. When is it better to teach English than in childhood and adolescence? If you're young now, you probably remember attending classes that you did not enjoy as a child, but now thank your parents for that.

In order for English language teaching to be attractive or perhaps less boring for children, in recent years the publisher has tried to make attractiveness one of the main criteria for children's English language teaching book.

Familiarity with the best books for teaching English to children

کتاب فمیلی فرندز

Family and Friends

Family and Friends is one of the most popular English language teaching books for children. So many language schools are now taught to children 6 years and older. The book Family and Friends 3 strengthens all English language skills in children and with the attractive structure of the book, it makes the child not get bored while reading it and establishes the necessary communication with the contents of the lesson.
The structure of the Friends family book is designed so that learners engage in fun activities and exercises as they learn so that the lesson does not become too uniform for them. At the beginning of the book there are a number of words that are extracted from the text of the conversation that is related to the lesson, then there are explanations about a grammar topic and related exercises.

کتاب فرست فرندز

First Friends 

First Friends is one of the most complete and popular language books for English beginners. The main audience of First Friends 2 is children aged six to ten, and the American dialect is taught in English language schools and institutions.
First Friends, a book that teaches language through the development of communication skills, acting, and creative activities, uses attractive cartoon and imaginative characters along with a variety of funny dolls, and these important points have led to a dramatic increase in children's interest in learning English. Find.
This book contains ten lessons on interesting topics, each lesson with several words (Vocabulary) at the beginning with pictures related to them that learners must first listen to the audio file to learn the correct pronunciation and then read it several times and Repeat so that the correct pronunciation is institutionalized in the mind forever.


Hip Hip Hooray is one of the best books for teaching English in the form of pictures, stories, poems, songs, games, and entertainment, which is designed for children and teenagers aged 4 to 3 years old in most English language classes for children around the world. And adolescents are used
Hip Hip Hooray teaches sentences and vocabulary as well as grammar at an introductory level. The book consists of 4 lessons, each of which is related to a specific topic. Each lesson first presents a story that incorporates new sentences and on the next page teaches new words and new grammar content, followed by numerous exercises in the form of blanks to consolidate learning.


The book Super Minds is designed for beginners and children aged 3 to 4 with a British accent, which with its engaging and entertaining training boosts memory, creativity, intellectual skills and language skills that are new to most languages. Used with their consent.
Superminds book consists of 2 chapters and a page that each chapter presents educational materials in the form of colorful, beautiful, and attractive pictures in the form of attractive and social stories with lovely characters to the learner. Each lesson consists of 2 different sections. After each story and teaching, a series of fun exercises in the form of games, drawing, coloring, songs, and brain teasers are designed, which makes reading the book very enjoyable and enjoyable. At the end of the book, the lyrics are completely written.


The six-part Phonics for kids series is one of the best resources for teaching the alphabet and pronunciation to children and young adults and is published by Longman's Letter Publishing. The third level of this book, which is the middle level of this collection, consists of thirteen lessons and covers the letters A to M.
It should be noted that each lesson consists of two pages and at the beginning of each lesson, the letter is written in two cases, large and small, with a specific color. Then a short sentence is given in which the letter of the alphabet related to that lesson is used several times, as well as an interesting picture of that sentence after the sentence which facilitates learning the meaning of the sentence.

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