An interview with Mahdi Zare

Khorramshahr is a sacred place

June 13, 2022 - 18:47

"Blood," the latest book by Iranian author Mahdi Zare, was recently published by Soore Mehr.

This book is about the defense and resistance of the people of Khorramshahr during the early days of the Iraqi invasion of Iran, and the author examines urban identity in detail before applying it to national identity.

*What is the book's main subject?

This book is about Khorramshahr and the people's resistance during the start of the imposed war. It's the story of a woman who wanted to protect both her identity and her hometown.

*How significant is this new method of presenting content as a novel?

I attempted to avoid being ideological or biased in my approach. I tried to show the characters' good and bad sides, as well as their own flaws and strengths. I noticed that the city is closely linked to the houses and people who inhabit it. Birds, trees, climate, and other aspects contribute to the city's spirit, which gives the city its identity. Khorramshahr is a sacred place in my opinion, and its defense was the defense of all of Iran, and people from other places lived there because of its industrial factories.

*Do the story's characters have any real-life counterparts?

Although I did not base the story on real people, each of the characters could have real-life counterparts.

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