Intl. medical visits to Fars province hits record high

June 13, 2022 - 21:3

TEHRAN – The number of international travelers who received medical services in Fars province’s hospitals hits a record high during the first two months of the current Iranian calendar year, the province's deputy governor-general has said.

The number of medical travelers to Fars jumped 250 percent and 550 percent respectively in Farvardin (Mar. 21-Apr. 20) and Ordibehesht (Apr.21-May 21) in comparison to the same months last year, IRNA quoted Mohammad Farrokhzadeh as saying on Sunday.

“It is an unprecedented record of its kind,” the official said.

Iran is known in the world as an affordable destination for health tourism and the government is making a great effort to attract more health tourists in the years to come. Many believe that medical tourism in the Islamic Republic is a win-win opportunity both for the country and foreign patients, as they are offered affordable yet quality treatment services and the country gains considerable foreign currency.

According to statistics, hospitals of Fars province admitted 10,500 foreign medical travelers and received some 5,000 international outpatients last year (ended Mar. 20), Farrokhzadeh said.

Referring to comparative admissions, the deputy governor-general noted 148 foreign patients were stayed in hospitals during Farvardin last year (1400) while the number reached 367 in the same month this year (1401), which shows a 250 percent growth.  

“Fars hospitals admitted 183 foreign patients in Ordibehesht last year while the number hits 1003 in the same month this year.”

About one million medical tourists, mainly from the neighboring countries, arrive in Iran annually, Mohammadreza Tarjoman who presides over the Health Ministry’s tourism office said in April. A selection of 200 Iranian medical centers have permission to accept foreign patients, he added.

Amid Iran’s trump cards are the presence of credible surgeons and physicians, cutting-edge medical technologies, high-tech medicine and diverse specializations, super affordable procedures, and finally its hospitable people. Iranian hospitals offer a wide variety of medical services such as eye surgeries and services, cardiovascular surgeries especially pediatric heart surgery, bone marrow transplantation, gynecologic and obstetric surgery, oncologic services, cerebrospinal surgery, orthopedic surgery (total knee & total hip replacement, etc.), and urologic surgery, and so many other services.

The Islamic Republic has set goals to exceed its yearly medical travelers to around two million in [calendar year] 1404 (March 2025-March 2026).


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