A story about military service in "Blacksmiths Section"

June 14, 2022 - 18:16

The issue of military service has sparked much debate, and there are many supporters and opponents.

For many youngsters reaching the age of seventeen or eighteen, it becomes the first and most pressing worry, and serving in the military appears more frightening, foolish, and pointless than ever. We may be shocked to hear that someone has eagerly signed up to serve in the military, yet the military was formerly held in high regard. 

This book's plot revolves on the same theme, and the book's narrator describes his military service and his memories of it during the war years. The story begins in the early days of the war, with a cheerful teenager from Dezful, who has gone through everything from being at an air force base to serving as a committee guard, showing us the atmosphere of those early days and going into some detail.

The story's main character, Mohammad Hossein Shamshirgar Zadeh, has been in the center of major events, from the early days of the Islamic revolution through the invasion of Iraq and the official start of the war, and he tells everything in great detail. However, his memories of being in the military are at the heart of the story. 

The author has written the story and events without censorship, and as a result of this honesty, the book has stepped away from the mainstream of years of sacred defense and stereotyped terms. 

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