An interview with Behnaz Zarabizade 

In "Shina's Daughter," the war is seen from a different perspective

June 15, 2022 - 17:52

"Shina's Daughter" was one of those books that quickly became famous, and the warmth of the dialogues within the book, as well as the author's honesty, Behnaz Zarabizade, can be credited with its success. 

* How did you come across the story of Shina's daughter?

I needed a solid topic, so I searched through the files and came across the details of the martyr's family, which sparked my curiosity, and after reviewing it, I came to the conclusion that these memories are so deep that they should be turned into a novel. Another consideration for me was that I wanted to write about women's support behind the line, and I felt compelled to describe how families lived throughout the war, what issues they faced, and what kinds of activities women participated in. 

* When exactly did you start writing this book?

In May 2009, I began writing the book, which lasted until September of that year, and editing began in October of that year. However, a series of events conspired to cause the book's completion to be postponed. Mrs. Mohammadi and I had not spoken for several months until I heard that she had been hospitalized in a coma and had died. Her death had a negative impact on me because she never got to read the book.

* What do you think the current challenges with books are?

These days, there are a lot of professional book readers. I know groups that read books together and discuss, analyze, and critique them, and I believe we need to provide both good books and proper introductions to the audience. Our work's weakness, in my opinion, is its lack of suitable introduction and distribution. People will read books if we have the proper distribution and can even bring books to the villages.

* How would you describe "Shina's Daughter"?

"Shina's Daughter" is primarily a construction, patience, and life training course. Our youngsters are less patient these days, and the couple's obligations in living have decreased. This couple, who coped admirably with their five children and the wartime conditions, can serve as ideal role models for us.

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