148 pages with a happy and funny young lady: How did she swallow a piano?

June 19, 2022 - 18:25

Imagine you come across a book with the title "Rooney Swallowed a Piano," and the cover features a teenage girl playing the flute with no apparent connection to a piano.

Not to mention the back cover! A bunch of strange things are written, and they appear to be narrated by Rooney, a fourteen-year-old girl. Wouldn't you be interested in reading such a book?

The main character, Rooney, describes everything in such a way that you can't put the book down for a second.  She starts the story by telling us about herself and her family. We soon understand that, despite her age, she has attempted to take her mother's place at home. In every aspect, she is attentive to her younger brother, and the father makes every effort to meet his children's demands.

Like any other adolescent girl, Rooney (short for Ronica) has numerous challenges and obstacles. She has been invited to an important birthday party and is divided between going and not going because she hasn't been to a birthday party in a long time, as per her own rule. She had no idea, however, that this birthday party may be wilder and possibly scarier than she had imagined.

This cheerful adolescent girl is a musician, and the names of Beethoven and Mozart, as well as their pieces, appear frequently throughout the book, while she herself attends music school and plays the flute.

She doesn't want to be a hero who saves the world in a single day. Despite enormous sorrows, such as the loss of her mother, she has learned to appreciate the smallest and simplest things in life and to see life as colorful and beautiful.

The characters and characterizations in the novel are excellent. Rooney's father, in particular, is constantly reading his daughter's mind and is aware of things Ronika has not said. Rooney's brother, Shahrokh, plays a crucial role in his sister's story, and his aunt, who is very fun and interesting.

The book appears to be about a regular girl and her stories, but we soon discover that the author has dealt with more than just ordinary issues, such as suicide.

Teymur Agha Mohammadi, one of the country's top writers and poets who has won numerous prizes, is the author of this book.

The book is published by Soore Mehr's Children and Adolescents department, and according to the back cover, teenagers above the age of thirteen and even older can enjoy reading it.

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