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Tackling Smuggling 'a Top Priority': Industry Ministry

June 21, 2022 - 10:13

The Deputy Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade for Industries Affairs said that combating the smuggled and counterfeit products is one of the main priorities of SAIPA Auto Making Company. 

Speaking in his visit to the pavilion of SAIPA Auto Manufacturing Company at the 18th Exhibition of Automotive Spare Parts and Related Industries in Isfahan, Mohammad Mehdi Baradaran stated that dealing with the smuggled and counterfeit goods is of the main priorities of the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade. 

Manufacturers of automotive parts are of the industrial and production units that have established very close relationships and cooperation with the policies of the Ministry of Industry, Mine, and Trade in the current administration of President Raeisi, the deputy minister highlighted.

Turning to the production of vehicles at SAIPA Auto Making Company, he said that car production at this leading car manufacturing company has witnessed an upward trajectory and significant boom in the recent eight months thanks to the unspring effort of automotive parts manufacturers in the country, the deputy minister of industry added.

Baradaran then pointed to boosting quality of products of the company and also gaining satisfaction of customers and added that effective steps have been taken in this regard in order to satisfy customers with products of the company.”

Dealing with smuggled automotive parts, boosting quality of products, gaining customers’ satisfaction and authenticity of the automotive spare parts have been emphasized at this industrial and production unit, he stated. 

Identifying counterfeit and smuggled parts in the domestic market was one of the drastic measures taken by the company, he said, adding that smuggled and sometimes counterfeit parts were packaged and entered the domestic market in the name of SAIPA Company and this issue created serious problems for dear customers of the company as well. 

Creation of ID codes for the authenticity and originality of parts has started t the company and at the first step, it has been implemented for two groups of parts including “battery” and “shock absorber” and this will be done for 53 other groups of car spare parts, the deputy minister of industry continued. 

In this regard, it has been determined that from August 2022, no parts should be marketed without having a tracking code and manufacturers should produce and market all their products with a tracking code, otherwise, counterfeit spare parts would be considered “smuggled” which can be prosecuted legally.  

Parts manufacturing industry is one of the most lucrative industries in the country not only parts manufacturing industry is able to generate employment opportunities but also this industry has a good performance in the field of exports.

Unlike the previous government, the current administration took a giant stride in line with gaining satisfaction of customers for domestically-produced vehicles. 

In the end, Deputy Minister of Industry pointed to the after-sales services at SAIPA Company and said that effective steps have been taken in this regard to offer high-quality after-sales services to dear customers of the company under the new management of SAIPA Company.

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