A review of the book “Man of the Eastern Borders”

The power is held by Englishmen!

June 25, 2022 - 18:22

The story takes place during Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar's reign, when our country, which has been divided numerous times before, is about to become smaller under the British government's direction.

Mehran Kaboli, the story's protagonist, is a Balochistan Qajar officer from the Yuzbashi tribes. He is well known for his bravery, fearlessness, stubbornness, and steadfast principles. His wife, Sanambano, is also an important character in the story. She is powered and has a strong heart. This woman bears an important part of the epic and emotional burden of the story to demonstrate that women's resistance is just as important as men's in the fighting.

Despite being brief, "Man of the Eastern Borders" is a good book with an excellent topic. The narrative is engaging and can be finished in a single day, despite the bitterness of the tale of Herat's break with Iran. However, if the author had given sub-story development more consideration and ideas, the book would have been much stronger and better; regrettably, there is no sign of a local accent in the story.

The writing style of the story is very fluid and gentle, and the dialect is appropriate for the historical setting. The dialogues are interesting and relevant, despite being a little rhetorical at times.

History can shed light on the path we will take in the future, and doing so through art and literature will be far more effective. There are many untold tales about Iran's past, both recent and distant. The writers only need to research their country's past to uncover its odd and fascinating subjects and events.

Sajjad Khaleghi is the author of this 118-page book, which was published by Soore Mehr.

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