An interview with Mustafa Najib

Abu Baran

June 28, 2022 - 18:30

The memories of Mustafa Najib, an Afghan warrior who guarded the holy shrine of Zaynab bint Ali (AS) in Syria, are contained in Zahra Sabeti's book "Abu Baran." 

He was the deputy commander of the Fatemiyoun Brigade and has spent many days in Syria.

* The narrator's honesty in his stories is one of the book's strengths. Were there any parts of your life you didn't talk about?

I assumed they wanted me to talk about martyrs at first, but when I realized they wanted my personal narrative, I was surprised! I made an effort to talk them out of it, but they were insistent. I had no idea what to say or not to say. As a result, I narrate all I can remember so that they can either edit or keep anything that is unimportant. So, I didn't have any trouble telling my life and memories.

* You only went to Syria after seeing a picture. Have you ever considered that moment and whether you would make the same decision if you saw the same picture again?

It was the best decision of my life, and if I could go back in time, I would still pursue the same path. I had the best days and nights of my life in Syria. Only those who have been there may understand what I'm saying.

* How much support did your family give you during this challenging journey?

The two people that showed the most support were my mother and then my wife. Since the day I asked my wife to marry me, she has always been my biggest supporter. She accepted all of my conditions, including my mission in Syria, despite the fact that her parents were not very supportive of our marriage. She was always encouraging, and I will be eternally thankful to her. 

* Did you picture ISIS' total annihilation during the war with them? Had you found it unreachable?

We have always believed that ISIL will be destroyed, and I had a true sense of assurance in this regard even when ISIL occupied 50% of Syrian territory. 

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