A review of the book “The Song of Titros”

The story of a friendship in the midst of war

July 15, 2022 - 18:37

The battle of the people of Bushehr and Tangistan against the British and the regime of Mohammad Ali Shah Qajar is the topic of Iraj Saghiri's "The Song of Titros."

After his father’s death, Mohammad Ali Shah Qajar dissolved the Majles, or Iranian parliament, and so started the period known as the age of minor tyranny. During this time, people fought against Muhammad Ali Shah and his soldiers while supporting the National Consultative Assembly. On the other hand, foreigners, notably the British, were busily plundering the country by taking advantage of the chaos and poor conditions there.

Haider and Nushad are the two main, teenage characters in the story, and we follow them as they engage in a battle with other people for freedom. In order to battle the invaders and inner traitors, they team up with Rais Ali Delvari. The book shows how the country's rulers' self-interest makes it vulnerable to foreign robbery and how a lack of cooperation and complacency among allies can result in failure.

One of the book's strong qualities is the author's usage of Tangestani accents and terms, which are explained in the book's footnotes. The title of the book is also derived from the name of a local bird, which appears as a symbol throughout the story.

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