Fresh round of nuclear talks to kick off in Vienna

August 3, 2022 - 21:19

TEHRAN — In light of a new draft proposed by the European Union to save the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the EU’s Enrique Mora left for Vienna on Wednesday.

“On my way to Vienna to discuss #JCPOA back to full implementation on the basis of the coordinator's text tabled on 20 July. #ViennaTalks. Extremely grateful to Austrian authorities,” Mora tweeted on Wednesday.

According to the Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani, Ali Bagheri Kani, Iran’s top negotiator also headed to Vienna on Wednesday. 

Barak Ravid, a reporter for the Axios website said on Wednesday a new round of talks will be conducted in Vienna on Thursday.

“In the framework of the policy of lifting the coercive sanctions against our country, the negotiating team of the Islamic Republic of Iran headed by Dr. Ali Bagheri, the chief negotiator of the Islamic Republic of Iran, will leave for Vienna in a few hours,” Kanaani said. 

According to Kanaani, in this round the talks will focus on the ideas presented by the parties, including the initiatives presented by Iran, which were submitted to the other side this week. 

Reiterating Tehran’s determination to reach a stable agreement that would secure the rights and interests of the Iranian people, the Foreign Ministry spokesman expressed hope that the opposite parties take the necessary decisions and seriously focus on solving the remaining issues.

In a tweet posted late Wednesday, U.S. top negotiator Robert Malley said he is also heading for Vienna.

“Preparing to travel to Vienna for talks on basis of @JosepBorrellF's text. Our expectations are in check, but the United States welcomes EU efforts and is prepared for a good faith attempt to reach a deal. It will shortly be clear if Iran is prepared for the same,” Malley tweeted. 

In this regard, an Iranian MP shared new details of the EU proposed text. 

“The new proposal of the European Union is somewhat different from the previous proposals. This was due to the strong logic of the Islamic Republic and the unsuccessful visit of the American president to the region,” Javad Karimi Quddosi told the Student News Network on Wednesday.

“In the new European proposal, many of the demands of the Islamic Republic have been fulfilled, but there are still one or two items left, which are mainly related to sanctions,” the legislator stated. 

According to the MP, one of the points of disagreement between Iran and the American side is that U.S. says in case the sanctions are re-imposed, potential investors in Iran should immediately return to their countries. 

“Iran does not accept this, and if sanctions are re-imposed, enrichment should increase beyond 60%. Investors who sign a contract with us must be present in Iran until the end of their contracts,” he added. 

Assessing the current status, Karimi Quddosi said, “It seems the American side will eventually give in to Iran's demands and we can witness an agreement and the conclusion of the nuclear negotiations.”


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