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A Look at Iranian Turkmen Clothing

January 11, 2023 - 20:0

The term Turkmen (pronounced as To-ku-mong) was first mentioned in the 8th century. Some 2,000 years ago, they were living in the east up to the banks of Syr Darya River (Jaxartes River).

Dresses of Turkmen women (Quink) 

• Simple design 

• Often crimson, red, and violet with or without flower designs. They are stripped with direct designs. 

• Features: wide sleeves; its collar is circular. 

• They decorate these dresses with brooches. 

• The lower parts of these dresses become wider. 

• These dresses are usually red and made of silk. They are decorated with needlework at the wrist and collar sections. 

• It is comprised of 3 segments: Yeng (sleeve); Yan (side) and skirt (Ashiri). 

• Girls wear a kind of belt named Hinji Qoushan.

Cloak (Jabit or Kourteh) 

• Silk textiles and sometimes velvet and decorated textiles 

• Features: it is long; both sides of it are straight and loose; its collar is simple; its sleeves are middle-length; both sides of it have slashes; it is a little loose near the waist. 

• On the wrist area of the sleeve, around the collar, on the breast, at the end, and around slashes of the cloak are extensively decorated.


• Winter cover-clothes worn by Turkmens are fur coats which have 3 different forms: Silkmeh Ichmak; Boghaneh Ichmak; and Ishchi Ichmak.


• Thread, atlas, wool, and silk textiles. 

• It has big in size and square-shaped. 

• Checkered or flowered design


• Trousers worn by Turkmen ladies are looser than those of Iranian ladies living in other parts of the country. 

• Their bottom is tight and usually decorated by skillful needlework. 

• Its color and textile are special and its upper part is made of canvas and white fustian. 

• Women’s trousers are referred to as “Balaq”. 

• Needle work decorations on the textile of women’s trousers are referred to as “Ayaq Oroni”. 

• Ayaq Oroni: Douyeh Kalleh (Sarshotor); Sekkeh Yarmeh Joijeh (Naqsh-e Joujeh) 

• Wakh Arman and Iki Hourman comprise the bottom up to the lower leg. 

• In addition, they use designs that are referred to as “Ghochitanat”, “Ghoymagh”, “Novey Naghsh”, and “Boustani”

Hats of Turkmen men 

• Hats made of animal skin with relatively long wools named Pakhour Talpak 

• Hats are covered with red clothes and decorated with stripes. 

• These hats have linings, wool, and envelopes. 

• Sometimes, they wear turbans known as Shirshakari. 

• Hats are generally classified into two categories: Talpak and Burak

Shirts of Turkmen men 

• Their shirts are like those of Qouchani Kurd, Qashqaei, or Bakhtyari men. They have simple and straight linings, normal height, and round and non-lapel collars. These shirts have buttons near the neck and have slashes on the right side. 

• Turkmen men’s shirts are very simple, without collars, buttons, and lengthy sleeves. 

• Instead of buttons, they use strings which were named Sepp Yagheh.

The Qaba of Turkmen men 

• It is simple and without lapel collars; it has straight sleeves with slashes at the end of them and busts. 

• two Qabas are put on each other and are kept by strings or a leather belt. 

• In the past, they used to mix simple textiles; however, they use ordinary coats nowadays. 

• The main clothes of Turkmens is a long cloak entitled Doun. Douns are of 2 types: 1) Qizil Doun (made of red silk); and 2) Tarmadoun (made of light yellow textile). 

• On their brim, Qabas are covered and decorated by needlework. 

• They wear a shawl-made or silver-made belt over the Doun which is called Shindeh, Chaq, or Turmehshawl.

Fur clothing of Turkmen men 

• In winter, they wear a fur item of clothing named Ichmak. 

• The best kind of fur for them is Banina Ichmak. 

• Other kinds of fur clothing: Silkmeh Ichmak, Ish Ichmak. 

• They use camel wool for making a kind of special clothing named Chakmeh. Its high-quality type is referred to as Incheh Chakman. The Chakman which is made of coarse wool is referred to as Boghin Chakman.

Trousers of Turkmen Men 

• They have ordinary form and design 

• Like Qouchani Kurds, Gilani, and Mazandarani men, their trousers are wide around the leg. 

• They use homemade striped textiles for their trousers.

Footwear of Turkmen Men 

• In the past, they were interested in a kind of Shoe named Givi.

• Nowadays, they wear ordinary shoes.

• Men’s socks: they wear socks weaved by Turkmen women. Sometimes, these socks are made of high-quality silk. 

• Men’s footwear: Charouq, Chapak or Yalkan

New clothing 

• Girls’ new clothing: a long dress that covers up to the ankle 

• Scarf: thick Charqad covered by Pourchouk in its brims; Yaliq which is thin and is sometimes made of silk. 

• They usually wear trousers; compared with the past, however, they are less decorated by needlework. 

• Nowadays, old busts, hats, belts, and shoes are no longer used. 

• Turkmen rarely use their traditional clothes.


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