First round of university entrance exam held

January 20, 2023 - 18:15

TEHRAN – The first round of the Iranian University Entrance Exam, simply known as Konkur, was held on Thursday and Friday.

Every year the participants sit for the multiple-choice exam to vie to get the best results possible as the seats at tuition-free public universities are limited. 

This year, for the first time, Konkur will be held twice a year. The first round was wrapped up on Friday and the second round will be held on the 5th and 6th of July.

In the experimental sciences group, which has the largest number of candidates, there are a total of 450,577 contestants with a ratio of 65 percent women and 35 percent men.

The human sciences group has the second largest number of participants with 309,219 people and a ratio of 61 percent women and 39 percent men.

With 120,095 candidates, the mathematical sciences group has the least number of candidates among the three main groups, where 35 percent of the candidates are women and 65 percent are men.

In the two groups of arts and foreign languages, 39,055 candidates and 58,514 candidates participated respectively.

The oldest and the youngest participants are 78 years old and 13 years old.


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