U.S. benefits from continuation of war in Ukraine

January 27, 2023 - 23:3

Some say the U.S. has no interest in Ukraine, or if it does, it is mostly moral, but the U.S. has a vital interest in the war in Ukraine, Javan wrote.

Weakening Russia is only one of its motivations to prolong the war in Ukraine to maintain its control over the politics, economy, and security of Europe.
This is why the U.S. wants a war in Ukraine to the detriment of this eastern European country and the continent as a whole.

Given the special geopolitical situation of Ukraine, dominations over international highways and waterways are as important as a land war for the United States. Therefore, if a country dominates the European continent in such a way that it can take over its human and material resources, it will mean the emergence of a threatening naval force against the U.S.

In order to prevent others from dominating the European peninsula, America has to deal with it before it happens.

Although Russia launched a preemptive war on Ukraine to restrict NATO, even if Russia were to contain Ukraine, western Ukraine would remain a NATO ally.
For the above-mentioned reasons, it is completely natural and logical that Russia needs to keep its distance from actors like America and its allies in NATO and try to force the West to keep its distance from its western borders.

Such behavior from Moscow is considered a great threat to American national security. Therefore, supporting Ukrainian forces to stop Russia and at the same time imposing an economic war against it can be a guarantee to stop the biggest obstacle to NATO expansion to the east.

Iran is the target of the European Union

In an article, Etelaat points to a resolution by the European Union that has included the IRGC on the list of terrorist groups, writing: "The target is Iran and the IRGC is an excuse."

The daily writes: The opponents, some European diplomats, and MKO are trying to put the IRGC on the list of terrorist groups of the European Union under the pretext of the recent unrest in Iran.

It may be imagined that the main goal is a concern for human rights and support for protests in Iran, but due to the great expenses of the West in supporting Ukraine, the deployment of Iranian drones in the Ukraine war has made the West angry.

So, from the Ukrainian point of view and its Western supporters, Iran's drones have proven effective in Russia's successes, and it seems that the main goal of the supporters of the European Parliament resolution is to punish Iran and IRGC.

They want to force Iran to change its behavior in the Ukraine war. If the goal was human rights, there are many countries in West Asia that violate human rights, especially women's rights, more than any other countries.

Siasat-e-Rooz: Pressure on Iran or China?

In an article, Siasat-e-Rooz wrote: In recent weeks, Iran has witnessed several foreign policy developments that the most important of which are the European Council meeting with the agenda of pressure on Iran, Iran's countermeasure to the sanctions of the European Parliament and the Council of Europe, and claims by American officials to prevent the sale of Iranian oil to China.

The efforts were intended for the European Union to declare the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps as a terrorist by passing a resolution, but the EU rejected the parliament's proposal, and this angered the opponents of the Islamic Republic, who, under the pretext of supporting the Iranian protesters, sought to help intensify the sanctions. 

The daily also refers to the sanctions list published by Iran's Foreign Ministry against European officials and writes: Iran is among the few countries that have the courage and ability to publish such lists, and this shows Iran's position in the new world order. 
Tehran's move can also be a model for the world, it says.
The American authorities announced that they want to prevent the sale of Iranian oil to China, but it seems that they are trying to put pressure on China rather than Iran, the newspaper commented.

Shargh: Imperfect Liberalism at home and revolutionary foreign policy 
In an article, Mostafa Hashemi-Taba, a former vice president and political activist, refers to the Western policies against Iran and the declaration of the IRCG as a terrorist group in the European Parliament and writes: Iran constantly talks about countermeasures against the European Union and the West, but countermeasures are possible if the parties have equal power and equal influence, otherwise a mere statement is useless. 

 He writes: The 13th administration (sitting government) started its work by condemning the policies of the previous administrations, but it seems that although the president is honest in his statements, the government is continuing the same policies as before. 

 It will not be possible for the government to be revolutionary in the face of other countries but its foreign policy no be in line with revolutionary policies. It is for this reason that the country's politics has been greatly affected and changed course toward chaos. Foreign arrogance also sees and analyzes these and then organizes its actions against us. 

He also points to the government's approach toward China and Russia, membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the continuation of negotiations to revive the JCPOA, and writes: The truth is that the continuation of economic problems coupled with environmental degradation and other problems... will disarm us in the face of the West, and the East will utilize the Catch-22 and extort Iran. 

If contradictions in foreign and domestic policy continue and the imperfect liberalism continues, sooner or later we will have to give in. Domestic policies are completely incompatible with foreign policies. Since we are revolutionary in our foreign policies and do not criticize the continuation of liberalism in our domestic policies, we are following the process that has been going on in our economy for years.

Jomhoori-e-Eslami: A war that started in vain and continues in vain 
Jomhoori-e-Eslami reviews the most important foreign events by pointing to the latest developments in the war in Ukraine. 
It writes: We are slowly approaching the one-year anniversary of the Ukrainian war, while the bloody and destructive war continues, it seems that there is no prospect for the end of that war unless something unexpected happens. 
Russia is trying with all its capability to win the war, and the West is standing against it with all its might. Therefore, many observers are worried that the war will expand in the future and turn into a full-scale world war, even a nuclear war. 
Putin, who started the war by violating international laws, did not imagine that the war would last long and thought that by relying on the experience he had in the military invasion of Crimea and its occupation, as well as the attack on South Ossetia, a snap victory in Ukraine will be achieved, but Ukrainian resistance and Western arms shipments, made Moscow's assessments to prove wrong. 

 The two main factors of Putin's power, i.e. the nuclear arsenal and energy, have not been efficient so far, and contrary to the Kremlin's assessment, the Europeans spent the winter almost without Russian gas and energy, and it was Russia that lost the export of billions of cubic meters of gas to Europe and its exports to China has been limited and actually suffered from the economic confrontation with the West. 
In the context of the use of nuclear weapons, it is very unlikely that the Russians will use them because it will be greatly destructive, and it is becoming more and more obvious that just as the beginning of the war was pointless and unjustified, its continuation will also be in vain.

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