Judge-School plan to be launched for students

February 13, 2023 - 18:32

TEHRAN – A national plan, dubbed Judge-School, is projected to be launched for students across the country in order to familiarize students with legal issues and crime prevention.

In line with the program, the Judiciary in cooperation with the Ministry of Education will send judges to schools nationwide, IRNA reported.

Developmental prevention is a sub-category of social prevention that focuses on children and adolescents at risk, Asghar Jahangir, an official with the Judiciary, said.

Its purpose is to intervene in different periods of development of children and adolescents exposed to delinquency in order to prevent the repetition of delinquency in adulthood, he added.

“Learning and awareness from a young age has institutionalized these educations in their thoughts and causes the results to be seen in adulthood in better implementation of laws and in their daily lives.”

Jahangir went on to say that one of the important points in the implementation of this plan is to pay attention to the age and social conditions of the target community.

Considering the young and different generation that we are facing, the need to use up-to-date experts, aware of the social harms of today's society is very important, he highlighted.

Getting to know the issues and concerns of this generation is vital in the fruitful implementation of this plan, he pointed out.

“Informing students about the dangers of social delinquency and legal education, considering the age requirements and sensitivities of puberty and identity crisis at this age and risks such as getting to know incompetent people, is a very important and delicate and important point that should be considered in these educations.”

Alertness and guidance of people at this age play an important role in preventing addiction, internet crimes, and special virtual injuries, and along with that, informing parents and teachers is very effective, Jahangir said.

Referring to the expansion of the use of virtual media among young people, teenagers, and even children, he added: “The progress and expansion of science and technology and the need to use electronic devices, especially mobile phones, has caused indecency, carelessness, and even promotion of immorality in cities, especially big cities in recent years.”

If the problems remain unknown, not observed and prevented, they will have destructive effects on the Iranian-Islamic society and create a greater intergenerational gap between children and parents, he stressed.

“Along with raising awareness and teaching religious and moral values, raising self-confidence, giving identity, getting familiar with the culture and laws governing the country, is an effective way in implementing the plan.”

Using the capacity of popular organizations, benefactors, and trustees in this plan will reduce social harm, he said.

Due to the presence of more than 15 million students in the country, the role of the school in promoting law-abiding culture in society is more visible and the beginning of education at a young age is very effective and, in a way, guaranteed, the official added.

In addition to informing students, familiarizing judges with problems and concerns related to the youth and teenagers, and promoting law-abiding culture are other aspects of the plan, he concluded.


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