Tehran says resistance will soon bring ill-wishers to their knees

February 18, 2023 - 21:35
Iran criticizes French president for meeting anti-revolution elements

TEHRAN- Nasser Kanaani, the spokesperson for the Iranian Foreign Ministry, has sternly condemned French President Emmanuel Macron for meeting with Masih Alinejad, an Iranian dissident who defends economic sanctions against Iranians and even pushes for military action against the Islamic Republic.

The brief encounter took place on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference (MSC).

Kanaani called the anti-revolution elements, who had lately or in late November met with Macron, as “undignified clowns”.

Germany did not invite Iran to the annual Munich Security Conference, which began on Friday. Instead, three notorious elements, including Masih Alinejad, were invited to take part in the conference and meet with international dignitaries. 

Writing on his Twitter account on Saturday, Kanaani said arranging such gatherings demonstrates ignorance toward the uninterrupted support for the “country, Revolution and Leadership” by the Iranians over the past four decades. 

“Those who ignore 44 years of unparalleled presence of the vast majority of Iranians in support of their country, Revolution and leadership and invite a number of identity-less clowns (to the MSC) neither believe in democracy nor do they know the Revolution and people of Iran,” he added. 

In his Persian tweet, Kanaani vowed that “the greatness, resistance, and might of the Iranian nation will soon bring you to your knees.”

Hannah Neumann, a German MP in the Strasbourg-based European Parliament, said it is significant that for the first time Iran is not represented by its foreign minister at the MSC.
Neumann was to join anti-Iran U.S. Senator Robert Menendez; Masih Alinejad; another notorious dissident Nazanin Boniadi; and Reza Pahlavi, son of the former Iranian dictator Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, in a panel discussion at the conference on Saturday.

Iran alerts neighbors of nefarious American policies

Kanaani also issued a warning on Thursday to the regional Persian Gulf states over Washington’s alarmingly ill-intentioned and polarizing actions toward the nations in the region and their ties.

The spokesman made the remarks in reaction to a joint statement by the United States and the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)in which they accused Iran of leading "destabilizing policies," "supporting terrorism," "weapons proliferation...in the region and around the world," and "nuclear provocations."

Kanaani categorically denied the claims, calling them “often-repeated and “tedious.”

The anti-Iran statement was issued by American and GCC officials during a meeting of the so-called "Working Group on Iran" at the council's headquarters in Riyadh on Wednesday.

He saw such utterances as part of the American regime’s long-standing aim of fostering division among regional states.

The official went on to list other instances of the United States’ “destructive” and “interventionist” tactics in the region, which have undermined regional stability and security.

The spokesperson listed Washington’s sales of weapons worth billions of dollars to the neighboring countries, its “support for Takfiri terrorism,” its “continued full-throated backing of the Zionist regime’s against the oppressed Palestinian people,” and its involvement in the protracted, bloody conflict against the Yemeni nation.

He went on to say that the Islamic Republic supports regional diplomacy and works to find political solutions to regional conflicts.

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